A Displaced Illinois IT Worker Is Not Fooled By Intel's Advertisement
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From: Char (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Intel Disseminates Diversity Propaganda (To Benefit Itself)

If you look closely, the Intel advertisement supposedly celebrating diversity told the real truth.

In the entire bunch, not one over-40 is pictured. And there are no Hispanics and only one black.

And as a female fired in 2002 from the IT workforce and replaced by TATA employees from India, I can assure readers that despite the image Intel wants to project, females in my field are not a majority.

Women, blacks and Hispanics were the first to go when the H1-B and L1 visa holders were recruited nationwide to replace the American IT

The consequence for me is devastating. I could not find a job until 2006 when I landed a "permanent" position in manufacturing. But by 2007, I once again lost my piece of the crumb to low wage, foreign-born workers.

Today, I remain unemployed living off my dwindling retirement fund. The saddest thing is that I am under 50.

Char lives in suburban Chicago.

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