A New York Teacher Says His Multicultural Experiences Will "Haunt" Him For Life
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From: David Penner (e-mail him)

For several years, I have taught English as a Second Language at the community college level in Manhattan. What I have seen and experienced will haunt me until the day I die.

The catastrophic numbers of enrolled foreigners have overwhelmed our country's schools. Considering that we cannot educate our own people, teaching and assimilating millions of immigrants and international students in the public schools is impossible.

As a result of severe overcrowding, it is not at all uncommon to encounter high school graduates that can barely speak English.

Allowing foreign students to graduate, when they are functionally illiterate and know nothing of American society, is the fatal. What in multicultural parlance is called "fighting racism," is actually its triumph and crowning glory.

Ethnic studies programs exacerbate balkanization. They have usurped American and European studies. The multilingual media pours yet more kerosene onto the already raging fire.

The solution is obvious. Foreign student enrollment must be drastically reduced and an American humanities curriculum restored to its rightful place.

Hiring foreign-born, sub-standard teachers while allowing foreign students to walk off with high school diplomas and college degrees despite having learned nothing is at the core of our national crisis.

If continued unchecked, multiculturalism will surely bring about our apocalyptic destruction.

Joe Guzzardi comments: As a retired California ESL teacher, I sadly agree with everything that Penner says.

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