A North Carolina Reader Says American Workers Already Have "Training and Education"
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From: Linda Evans [e-mail her]

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: Fuzzy Data, Flawed Economics, Underlie H-1b Outsourcing Enthusiasm 

I thank Rubenstein for writing this important article. 

American employers want cheap labor. Offshoring and the H-1B work visa allow them to have it.

The H-1B (and the L1) is a big part of the American worker replacement scheme being pushed by IT employers.

Like the majority of Americans, I used to believe it was illegal to import cheaper labor to take American jobs. Then my husband and his co-workers lost their computer programming jobs to programmers brought from India on non-immigrant work visas. The Americans had to train their replacements in order to receive severance.

We discovered from the Labor Condition Application sheets that the Indian programmers are earning about half what the Americans had been earning.

At that time, I naively believed that our elected officials care about this country and the American workers who made it great.

After numerous calls and letters to Washington, their collective response was "Americans need training and education."

I had to admit the sad truth. They've sold us out to the highest bidder—corporate America.

My husband has training and education. He still lost his job to cheaper imported labor; I discovered that it is legal to import cheaper labor to take American workers' jobs.

Out of sheer frustration I wrote a novel titled Jobless Recovery about an American programmer who lost his job to cheaper H-1B workers. I used part of my husband's severance pay to publish the book.

Last year I read an article about a former American programmer who lost his job, couldn't find another and is now in the dog waste removal business.

I suppose former programmers and engineers could always get jobs removing the waste from dogs owned by the H-1B's who took their jobs.

After all, our president insists that outsourcing and work visas create jobs for Americans.


 More information about Linda Evans is available at her website.

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