An Illinois African-American Says To Restore Itself, The GOP Must Attract Black Christians
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From: Braveheart (e-mail her)

Re: Peter Brimelow's Blog: Stupidity Or What? State GOP's Problems—Too white, too male

The answer for the GOP is to attract Black Christians.

Did you notice that it was black ministers that confronted the D.C. City Council regarding their vote to recognize same-sex marriages?

Black Christians will respond to the appeal to their moral obligations as Christians - no to same-sex marriage, to abortion and to spending beyond your means. 

The GOP has not recognized that WASPs have a greater connection to African American Christians and their churches than any other group of people in this nation. 

First, black protestant churches mirror their white counterpart. 

Second, blacks are more comfortable with white Christians than they are with Jews, Hispanics, Asians or any other group including African from the continent.

Third, black and white Christians worship the same God.

Fourth, they share the same Christian names, the same blood and the same DNA

What's happening in our society outrages black Christians. They can be lured away from the Democrats if the GOP is willing to devise and launch a major effort to form such an alliance. 

Braveheart is an African-American woman who has opposed illegal immigration for 30 years. About blacks and immigration reform, she says: "When black people are quiet that means they don't support the person or the issue. You don't see black people supporting those who are demanding amnesty." Other letters from and about Braveheart are here.

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