A Retired INS Official Say The K-1 Visa Is Often A Massive Welfare Program
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From: Robert Porterfield (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: A Marriage-Minded Washington State Reader Says If American Women Weren't Such Gold Diggers, He Wouldn't Be Looking In The Philippines

Letter writer Ken Asher, the fiancée-seeking American, is a good example of why we're in the midst of a disaster. Asher responded to Joe Guzzardi's column, Marriage Visa Fraud: More Evidence—But It Was All In A Nicole Kidman Movie

First, just like other non-immigrant H visas or illegal alien labor, the persons like Asher who defend them create an inherently unequal relationship by deluding themselves into thinking that everything is fine because: "Hey, its a win-win proposition, I get a compliant wife and she gets a better life." 

This is a very weak argument. Although modern American women create untold problems in our society, American men cannot simply check out of the process.

Secondly, as Guzzardi noted, soon the bride-to-be will bring her mother, who will bring her son, who will bring her brother—all of them usually either illiterate, insolvent or both. 

I speak from experience, having worked in immigration for one of the two U.S. agencies charged with bringing in legal immigrants.  In 70 percent of the cases, it amounts to a massive welfare program.

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