A Washington D.C. Lawyer Challenges Congressman Barney Frank On Aliens` Role In The Mortgage Crisis
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From: Charles Black (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Column: Minority Mortgage Meltdown (Contd.): Pay No Attention To That Diversity Mandate Behind The Curtain

The reprehensible U.S. Representative Barney Frank who serves as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee rejected all the evidence documented by Steve Sailer and others at VDARE.COM that mortgages to unqualified immigrants—both legal and illegal—played a major role in the current U.S. financial crisis.

Speaking before the American Bankers Association conference, Frank said: "Lazy people don't become immigrants. It's the risk-takers that immigrate." [Frank Defends Immigrants In Housing Debate, by Mark Lillis, Washington Independent, March 31, 2009]

But taking other people's money under the false pretense that you have sound credit is a crime—not a risk.

Those criminal immigrants have nothing to lose. They have no assets that can be seized and no jobs that generate enough income to merit having their wages garnished.

The worst that can happen to them is that they will return to Mexico where they belong.

Black's previous letter about the Department of Homeland Security visa waiver program is here. He describes himself as a Democrat who is "100 percent" on our side of the immigration debate.

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