A California Reader Wonders If The Beach Boys Could Write A Song About The State's Immigration Craziness
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06/30/08 - A California Reader Thinks San Francisco Giants May Have Learned Lesson About Multicultural Madness

From: Bob Turley (e-mail him)

On May 31st, VDARE.COM posted my letter expressing my desire to leave California at the first financially convenient moment. It was then and remains now my wish that the state fall into the Pacific Ocean immediately upon my departure.

As I write today, Northern California is engulfed in nearly 1,500 wildfires, an annual fall event that has come early this year. Residents are choking on the smoky air and staying inside during the on-going red flag alerts.

The statewide economy is so terrible that people can't afford to eat out, go to a baseball game or do any of the things normally associated with California's the so-called good life. They are trying instead to keep their homes.

We can't even barbeque—who wants to inhale more smoke?

And now California's capital of insanity, San Francisco, has exported its illegal alien drug dealers to the Southland under the guise of rehabilitating them.

According to a news story eight Honduran crack dealers, protected by the city's sanctuary policy, were shipped to Silverlake Douglas House in San Bernardino's (naturally another sanctuary city), which exists "for the sole purpose of providing a home environment and psychological health care for troubled youth. The focus of the program is to provide residents with the opportunity to gain effective control over their lives through the acquisition of rethinking skills and positive character growth." [Eight Crack Dealers Shielded by San Francisco Walk Away, By Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, July 1, 2008]

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