A California Reader Thinks San Francisco Giants May Have Learned Lesson About Multicultural Madness
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From: Toby Atwell (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Immigrant Baseball—The Bubble Bursts

The most interesting thing about the 2008 baseball season isn't the highly paid New York Mets collapse. Guzzardi's blogs last summer foretold of their imminent demise.

Instead, the big and underreported story is the success of the teams with the lowest budgets.

The Oakland Athletics, as one example, pay less than $100 million in salaries to players than the Mets. But surprisingly to everyone, the A's are in second place in the American League West.

Ironically, and even more significantly, the evening that Guzzardi's column posted (June 27th) the A's hosted the San Francisco Giants—-one of targets of his disdain for its multicultural-driven baseball madness.

Looking at the two teams' line-ups, Guzzardi may be right in his prediction that better things are ahead for American players. And, at the same time, the Giants may have learned a lesson about how to put together a better, less diverse team.

With baseball's designated hitter rule in effect, ten men played.

From the A's squad, nine were American-born; from the Giants, eight.

Atwell lives in Los Angeles. He notes that the Dodgers haven't benefited from their multicultural pitching staff, which includes a Dominican, a Korean, two Japanese and a Taiwanese. The team is five games under .500 as of June 30th.
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