A Michigan Reader Says Not Even The Murder Of His Brother By An Immigrant Dampened Teddy Kennedy's Goal To Destroy America
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From: Warren O' Leary (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Teddy Kennedy—The Worst Of The Bad Guys

Ironically, Sirhan Sirhan (a Christian Arab) was one of the beneficiaries of Kennedy's treasonous 1965 Immigration Act. If not for that disastrous legislation, Sirhan may never have come to America.

Yet the 1968 murder of Kennedy's brother Robert at Sirhan Sirhan's hand did not deter him from his globalist destruction of white-Christian America at any time during the next forty years that he served on the Senate.

Kennedy had many co-conspirators on Capitol Hill.

May they all burn in Hell for eternity!

O' Leary taught public school for 27 years for the Bayonne School District in New Jersey, the last ten as an instructor of college prep biology. His previous letters are here.

James Fulford writes: In fact, Sirhan Sirhan had been in the US since 1956, under earlier refugee admissions policy. But that doesn't change the basic point - that, in spite of all three Kennedy brothers immigration enthusiasm, "Tragically, Robert Kennedy himself was to be assassinated by an immigrant counted by the INS as Asian."  (Peter Brimelow—Alien Nation, p. 78).

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