An Arizona Reader Explains How A City Becomes a "Sanctuary"
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From: Mark Doane (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum Letter: Two Arizona Readers Compile A List Of Sanctuary Cities; Is Your Home Town One of Them?

In your Saturday Forum, you included a letter from two Arizona activists, Jim Nixon and Laura Leighton, who listed Chandler, AZ as a sanctuary city.

Unbelievably, that happened after an effort to carry out immigration law was thwarted.

In 1997 the Chandler police conducted a 5-day joint operation with the then-Immigration and Naturalization Services and the Border Patrol to clear illegal immigrants from the city.

In return they got slapped with a civil rights lawsuit for assuming that Hispanics speaking Spanish were illegal aliens, causing them to pay $400,000.

Later, after four investigations of the incident by various agencies, Chandler adopted General Order E-17 that prohibits city police from inquiring about a suspect's immigration status in most situations or from assisting federal authorities from enforcing immigration law.

Doane, who lives near Chandler, works evenings in a grocery store. He writes that he "worries every night if an illegal alien will one day take his job." 

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