A Texas Reader Says The California Wildfires Have Encouraged Illegal Aliens
October 26, 2007, 05:00 AM
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10/25/07 - A Reader In San Diego County Pleads For Immigration Sanity To Save California From Ecological Disaster

From: Gia (e-mail her)

Re: Marcellus Armiger's Letter: A San Diego County Readers Plea For Immigration Sanity To Save California From Ecological Disaster

Unlike the "gimme, gimme" attitude of the horror-dome evacuees in New Orleans, Californians are responding to the fire evacuations with resourcefulness.

In one example to help his neighbors, a twelve-year-old boy set up a cell phone- charging center after he was evacuated.

Others have organized food stations and pet shelters.

But on a less encouraging note, the California fires have given Mexican aliens bad ideas. Yuma, AZ. border patrol agents had to deal with rock and firebomb throwers, including an arsonist who started a fire in a wheat field.

The agents believe the fire was set to disrupt Border Patrol operations. One agent followed two individuals' footprints from the site of the fire back toward Mexico. [Yuma Border Patrol Has A Rough Monday, By Nicole Squibbs, Yuma Sun, October 22, 2007]

And near San Diego, campfires started by illegal aliens set off fires south of Interstate 8.

According to a San Diego Union-Tribune story: " Officials have said lightning strikes and campfires started by illegal immigrants are the two most common causes of fires in the forest south of Interstate 8. " [ Officials Say Illegal Campfire Caused Blaze Near Pine Valley, By Greg Gross and Karen Kucher, San Diego Union-Tribune, October 24, 2007]

These incidents indicate that the most effective enforcement policy the U.S. can create to end illegal immigration is not a fence but five years in a federal prison.

After the first few hundred get locked up, walking into Arizona and California or wading across the Rio Grande won't look so inviting.

Gia works in technology management.