A California Reader Says Joe Guzzardi Is Wrong; Baseball Is An Iberian Thing!
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From: Marie L. Coccia [e-mail her]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Strike Three For American Baseball Players

I've been studying the Christian Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims. Tangible evidence exists that baseball, or a form of it, was around long, long ago.

There is a wonderful illumination in the Cantigas de Santa Maria commissioned by King Alfonso X (ruled 1252-1284 AD) very clearly portraying a batter up with a pitcher preparing to throw. You can see this in the upper right hand panel of the Cantiga #42 image here.

I must say that our Protestant/Anglo-centric educational system leaves us a bit myopic to the true scope of history.

Coccia is a historian writing a fictionalized literary work on the Conquest of Mexico from Hernando Cortes' point-of-view to commemorate the 500th anniversary of his first full year in the Western Hemisphere, and also of the first appearance of the word "America" on a European map.

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