A California Reader Doesn`t Trust Meg Whitman
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June 10, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Sandra Hitchcock (e-mail her)

Although Meg Whitman claims to be anti-illegal immigration and pro-Arizona`s S.B. 1070, I can`t trust anyone who co-chaired the notorious John McCain`s 2008 presidential campaign.

Whitman`s claim that she`ll create jobs, without providing details on how, and bring fiscal responsibility to California is laughable. In 2008, Whitman approved mass layoffs of 10 percent of eBay`s work force so what creditability should she have on jobs?  

As for Whitman`s promise to restore fiscal responsibility to California, I`m unimpressed. She just spent $71 million for a shot at a job no one should want—California governor.

Talk about wasting money!

Hitchcock, a commercial banker, lives in Sacramento.