A Nevada Reader Says Harry Reid's Biggest Test In Decades Awaits Him In November
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From: Joyce Reynolds (e-mail her)

For Nevada voters this is, as they say, when the rubber meets the road.

Sharron Angle, winner of the hard fought GOP Senate primary, is the best true immigration reform candidate.

And now for the first time in decades, Harry Reid will have to defend his horrible pro-amnesty, ultra-liberal policies that have helped drive Nevada into a near depression.

Reid has deeper pockets and is a savvier, more cut throat politician who will stop at nothing to derail Angle. His advisors, who view Angle as the most vulnerable of the candidates, are pleased that she won.

They plan to go on the attack over Angle's Tea Party associations.

But Angle has a plan of her own. On the Rush Limbaugh program, Angle called Reid the "Obama Whisperer," suggesting that he has the president's ear on policy.

Since Obama's policies have been widely unpopular, Angle is suggesting that the man to blame is Reid.

Reynolds, a hospitality industry employee, wrote previously about Harry Reid is here.

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