VDARE.com Says: Happy Independence Day— But Watch Out For Real Gunfire!
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For several years, on the Fourth Of July, I’ve liked to quote the saying of John Adams, originally enunciated on the Second of July when the vote on the Declaration of Independence was taken,

"[The date] will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of this Continent to the other from this time forward forever more."

However, while this is, as Presidential Proclamations still say, “the Year of Our Lord 2013 and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-seventh,” it is also the fifth year of the Obama administration.

And according to Colin Flaherty (an expert in black mob violence), the shows, games, and sports that Adams envisaged may have to be cancelled because the “guns” will be loaded guns.

The threat of a repeat of black mob violence on the Fourth of July is causing at least three cities to cancel their annual Independence Day fireworks parties.

Black mob violence has marred for several years the annual holiday celebrations in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford. Almost none of which made its way to the local media. But the city council heard an earful from local residents following last year’s holiday violence.

They reported that 50 to 80 black people were hitting people in the face and disrupting the festival and surrounding areas.

“Police officers used pepper ball pellets and a taser,” said city council minutes from a special meeting in August 2012. “Even the Wal-Mart and Get-Go store had to be closed for three hours.”

“The mayor was shocked by what he had witnessed,” said the minutes. The mayor assured the audience that Bedford was “not the only city that had these types of problems.” People were “traveling from city to city just causing problems.”

Because Bedford no longer has a daily newspaper, the city sent out a “Code Red” message warning residents of the violence and lawlessness that was “out of control” at their event. Three surrounding police agencies were called in to quell the violence.

The fire chief said his people were not armed or trained for this kind of activity.

Some of the residents complained of “political correctness” that prevented them from talking about what really happened. City manager Henry Angelo did not deny that black mobs were responsible for the violence. But he did say it was “contemptuous” that anyone would notice. [More]

Kaboom! Now Black Mobs Kill 4th of July | People 'traveling from city to city just causing problems', WND.com, July 1, 2013

In April, 2012, John Derbyshire wrote a famous article for Takimag "The Talk: Nonblack Version”, with a list of ways to avoid being the victim of random black violence. (Instead, he was the victim of random Political CorrectnessNational Review Editor Rich Lowry randomly fired him.)

One of the items on Derbyshire’s list:

If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date. (Neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot.)

That was a riot at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson, N.J., which Derbyshire happened to be visiting in April, 1987. See Gunman Fires Into A Crowd At Jersey Park, By James Barron, New York Times, April 20, 1987. You can read the story on Derbyshire’s website, but take my word for it, his warning was based on experience. (Buy his VDARE.com anthology, which includes “The Talk”!)

And it applies to going out in public to Fourth of July festivities.

If something like this happens in your neighborhood or town, it won’t be the anticipated riots “if Zimmerman is acquitted” or the previously-anticipated “riots that might have happened if Obama was defeated.” These would just be the regular mass violence that blacks have been committing all through the Obama Administration, in a fashion largely unreported by the MSM …for no reason at all.

So stay safe on the Fourth! Depending where you live, and who else lives there, your celebrations may go better with friends and family in your own back yard.

And let’s hope that the Schumer/ Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill doesn’t make it through the House and make all these problems worse.

Happy Independence Day!

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for VDARE.com.

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