A Second Independence Day: Summary Deportation Now (Or Counter-Insurgency Later?)
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From the Arizona desert to the halls of Capitol Hill, there is a growing realization that something had better be done about the criminal alien invasion of these United States before it's too late.

Here's the Hobson's choice: summary deportation now—or counter-insurgency later.

Just as the legal paradigm of the criminal justice system provides no defense whatsoever against crazed Jihadist suicide bombers, so also clinging to the "alien rights"-based framework of court hearings within the litigation bureaucracy of the Department of Justice's Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) and the federal courts—while expecting the federal government to detain and deport illegal aliens and criminal alien residents—just doesn't work.

The decision to keep the borders of the United States as porous as possible has unfortunately already been made at the highest levels of government—through a combination of inaction, inertia and outright terrible policy decisions.

With forty years of fallout from the 1965 Immigration Act now incontrovertibly documented by Peter Brimelow, and other courageous authors, there can be no doubt about what is happening to America.

There is precious little to stop the criminality, violence, chaos and lawlessness of nearby Third World garden spots such as Nuevo Laredo, Mexico ­- where the entire narco-corrupted police force was recently detained after a shoot-out with Mexican federal troops ­- from spilling across the border at Laredo, Texas, and becoming the norm in major cities throughout the United States.

Imagine an inner-city police detective, an officer on a gang detail, or a special agent assigned to an organized crime and gang task force

Ever wonder what goes through their minds and keeps them up at night?

Since the innermost thoughts of police detectives aren't readily available, we turn instead to the pages of Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown's Soldier of Fortune magazine.

SOFMAG has been writing about America's southern border since at least 2002, when one of their writers (and apparently a group of his friends with military and law enforcement training) provided the bulk of the talent for a "Ranch Rescue" operation in Arizona.

The operation would prove to be the high-water mark of Ranch Rescue.  With the help of SOF readers, a volunteer tactical team with many years of military and law enforcement experience captured and turned over 279 pounds of marijuana to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff in just one evening of patrol in Arizona in October, 2002.

Unfortunately, Ranch Rescue would be overshadowed shortly thereafter by the February, 2003 arrest and subsequent intrigue surrounding Casey Nethercott in Texas. [NOTE: See my coverage of Ranch Rescue before its implosion here and here.]

Soldier of Fortune nevertheless remains interested in covering the border, most notably in its latest August 2005 issue which includes excellent favorable reports of the Minuteman Project in Arizona.

The issue includes an Eyewitness Minuteman Account by Alan Korwin, author of Gun Laws of America, and a feature article by Dr. Martin Brass: "Citizen Action on the Border—Responsible Citizens Monitor the Border, ACLU Reportedly Smokes Pot and Provokes Violence." 

Both SOFMAG articles laud the professionalism and organization of the Minutemen, and declare the operation a genuine grass-roots success. 

The item I found most interesting item is a prediction by a pseudonymous Lando Pope in the article by Dr. Brass.

Dr. Brass identifies Lando Pope as a native Californian and "former Marine 'mustang' [enlisted man who rose through the ranks to become an officer] who did two hitches and got out in 1993."  Dr. Brass wrote that Lando Pope drove from California to Arizona to check out the Minuteman Project on his own, without being an official participant.

Here is Lando Pope's prediction:

"We will see battalion-sized military operations between English and Spanish speakers in the United States fighting within ten years.  The level of hostility is huge," Pope said.

"Because of the absolutely crushing numbers, I don't think that we can get out of this without violence.  There is no way to solve this in a civil manner because we have let the problem get out of control.  The Constitution will have to be amended to change the rules."  ["Citizen Action on the Border—Responsible Citizens Monitor the Border, ACLU Reportedly Smokes Pot and Provokes Violence," By Dr. Martin Brass, Soldier of Fortune, August 2005(pay archive)]

But where will these Spanish-speaking battalions come from?  Who are they?

To find a clue, we look to recent Congressional testimony by Michael Hethmon, Staff Counsel for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.  Hethmon testified on June 29 concerning the Alien Gang Removal Act of 2005 (H.R. 2933) before the House Judiciary Committee.

According to Hethmon:

"[I]n 2005 the public violence and other barbaric behavior associated with the drug and human trafficking criminal enterprises operated by criminal street gangs has reached unprecedented levels, and has spread nationwide, far beyond its traditional 'turf' in immigrant urban enclaves."

"The need for a legislative approach that applies internationally known counter-insurgency techniques to the alien membership of criminal street gangs in this country is regrettable but compelling.

"It is regrettable, because three main factors identified by analysts to account for the appalling growth in alien criminal gang activity in this country all arise from the failure of Congress, over more than a generation, to control illegal immigration—[namely] . . . [t]he failure by Congress to require and support effect border control and interior enforcement . . . [t]he willingness of Congress, beginning in the 1970s, to use refugee policy as an expedient way to deal with the economic upheavals that followed our intervention in Third World insurgencies, notably in Central America . . . [and] the blowback from the failure of Congress to protect the American workplace from illegal employment."

The bottom line: illegal aliens and foreign criminals have been given free rein over the United States—with no end in sight. 

Until the time comes when Americans look out of their windows one morning and see vans, trucks, buses and trains filled with illegal aliens and criminal alien residents streaming outbound toward the border, or to the nearest airport out of the country . . . ONLY THEN will we know that something is being done.

But until that day comes, Americans can know with absolute certainty that the federal government has done NOTHING to halt the illegal alien invasion of these United States. 

So keep looking out the window every once and a while, folks. Check and see if the day of summary deportation for illegal aliens and criminal alien residents has come. 

It will be a second Independence Day for America

But until then, you'll know that all of the "solutions" emanating from Congress—including the ghastly specter of another "amnesty"—are all just a lot of hot air.

With this "look-out-the-window" reality check, you can give all of the propaganda-like immigration dispatches churned out by the Treason Lobby's media handmaidens, Congress and the Executive Branch's public relations machine (especially the Department of Homeland Security) the credence they deserve.

Happy Fourth of July!

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

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