VA-10: Trumpist Challenger At Least Forces RINO Barbara Comstock To Stop Pandering To Indians!
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Previously by Eric Sievers: In Loudoun County, Whites Aren’t Voting Republican—Because The GOP Won't Address ANY Issues That Matter To Them  

The race for my home VA-10 Congressional District, currently held by appalling GOP Establishment favorite Barbara Comstock, has been getting more than its usual share of news coverage in the lead-up to the June 12th primary. Nathan Larson, an independent candidate, is an admitted pedophile, an admirer of Adolph Hitler, believes women should be treated as property and wants to make child marriage and incest legal. Democratic hopeful Dan Helmer recently compared President Trump to Osama bin Laden. And, on a more controversial note, Comstock is being challenged by a Trump conservative: former Air Force captain and financial planner Shak Hill.

Hill is staking out a Trump-like approach to issues such as crime, MS-13 and Amnesty to unseat “Never Trumper” Comstock. As VDARE has noted repeatedly, Comstock is awful on immigration. She has a career C from Numbers USA, but her grade for the recent 2017-2018 term was a D. This includes an F- when it comes to reducing work visas.

Comstock is not much of a conservative on other issues either. She sports a Liberty Score of 25% (an F) from Conservative Review. She endorsed the equally appalling Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential primary and notoriously returned a $3,000 donation from Donald Trump as late as March 2016, when Trump was well on the way to the GOP nomination.[Rep. Barbara Comstock Gives Away Trump Donations, NBC Washington, March 30, 2016]

Hill fliers (see lefthill1) have focused on Comstock’s terrible record on immigration, including support for the 2015 Amnesty push, voting to fund sanctuary cities and her 2017 opposition to Extreme Vetting of refugees. He is highlighting her role in the Never Trump movement of 2016 and a radio ad questions whether she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Importantly, Hill has referred to the removal of Confederate statues as “cultural cleansing” and approvingly quotes Corey Stewart on the issue in an August 2017 column:

 “If the liberals are allowed to start destroying our history, they’ll start with Robert E. Lee, they move on to Thomas Jefferson, they move on to George Washington, and soon, the entire basis of our society is going to be wrecked.”

How The Establishment Caused Charlottesville, August 16, 2017,

(But why isn’t Hill campaigning on this issue in his fliers and radio ads?)

In return, Comstock fliers (see below) and commercials have been touting her “conservative results.” She mostly focuses on her support for tax cuts though she now claims she is “Pro Border Wall to Stop Illegals” and says she wants to crack down on MS-13.


whiteconstituentsMost tellingly, nearly every person featured in her fliers is white. This contrasts from fliers I received from the Comstock campaign during the 2016 election which showed her surrounded by Indians (more on that later).

No polling is available on the GOP primary, but the conventional wisdom is that Comstock will win. However, she clearly thinks the Shak Hill challenge is dangerous, no surprise given that Trump conservative Corey Stewart nearly pulled off an upset in last year’s Republican primary for Virginia Governor and is running again this year for the GOP Senate nomination. Also, as VDARE recently reported, Trump conservative Ben Cline won the primary to replace Rep. Bob Goodlatte in Virginia’s 6th District.  Virginia was also where Dave Brat defeated Establishment icon Eric Cantor in 2014, largely on the issue of Amnesty.

The Commonwealth has been all but written off as a blue state because of replacement immigration. But it seems that the Republicans and conservatives still around in Virginia have gotten the message and have no use for Establishment Republicans—such as Comstock—who helped displace them.

The ultimate race, presumably between Comstock and Democrat Jennifer Wexton, will be one of the most watched in the country this fall. VA-10 could well go Democrat for the first time since 1978. Real Clear Politics has the formerly safe Republican seat listed a toss-up.

This is entirely due to changing demographics. Conservative Republican Frank Wolf won the seat in the Reagan landslide of 1980 and didn’t relinquish it until he retired in 2014. That year, Comstock won the seat by 16 points (56% to 40%) over her Democratic challenger.

Just before Trump's victory, Never Trump Conservatism, Inc stalwart Mona Charen cheered on all this multicultural stuff, saying that Comstock was attending things like "An Indian-American meet and greet, a Korean barbecue night, a high-tech conference (the Dulles corridor is the Washington area’s Silicon Valley)..." [Barbara Comstock: The New Face of the Republican Party,National Review Online,October 28, 2016]

Charen, who acted traumatized by the Access Hollywood tape, said that

If the Republican party is going to survive post-2016, Barbara Comstock is exactly the sort of leader to help it rise from the rubble. She could be, she should be, the new face of the party.

But Trump won, and in 2016, Comstock's margin of victory was only 5.5 points. Clinton easily won VA-10 over Trump by 10 points, though Romney had edged out Obama by one point in 2012. In the 2017 Governor’s race, Democrat Ralph Northam edged out Establishment Republican Ed Gillespie in the district by an even greater margin (56% to 43%). A very rapid political transformation is taking place before our eyes.

The 10th District is in northern Virginia and includes all of Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun counties, the cities of Manassas and Winchester and portions of Fairfax, and Prince William counties. I live in Loudoun, which is the most affluent and fastest growing county in the U.S. Its population has more than doubled since 2000 and now is home to around 400,000 people.

  • 68.7% White
  • 14.7% Asian
  • 12.4% Hispanic
  • 7.3% African American
  • 0.3% Native American

Population estimates – which do not include Hispanics, instead combining them with the white population—for 2018 are as follows:

  • 66% White
  • 16.9% Asian
  • 7.2% African American
  • 3.4% Two or More Races
  • 0.4% Native American

The 2020 census, however, it will undoubtedly reflect a massive increase in the Asian population, driven primarily by immigrants from India. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of Indian Americans in the county had already grown by a factor of fifty. This immigration—along with more slowly increasing black and Hispanic populations in the county—is turning VA-10 from a solidly red Southern conservative district to a multiracial county where whites will soon be a minority.

Republicans in the district and in the state will then be in the same boat as California Republicans—a shrinking party on the path to irrelevance.

It is impossible to state how suddenly—and massively—my town has become inundated with Asian Indians. I am now sometimes the only white person in a checkout line at the grocery store. My daughter’s pre-school is roughly two-thirds Indian. My son’s elementary school is roughly half Indian. On a recent trip to the local mall (The Dulles Town Center) I was the only white person in a mall playground teeming with Indian parents and their kids.

This explains why previous fliers I received in the mail from the Comstock campaign were loaded with Indians and contained barely any whites. It also explains why she has an F- from Numbers USA when it comes to handing out work visas.

Many of the Indians are IT workers employed in northern Virginia’s technology industry. But of course, they bring their elderly parents and relatives as well, who are not working. As neighbors go. they are mostly quiet, commit few crimes and keep to themselves.

Politically, however, they are poison for the GOP. A 2012 Pew Research survey found that 65% of Indians are Democrats with just 18% identifying as Republicans. This is the most out of any Asian immigrant group. A 2017 survey from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) found that Hillary Clinton won 84% of the Indian vote (and 96% of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi vote) in the 2016 presidential election.

Steve Sailer has made the useful observation that many of the current young SJW leaders are Asian. Of these, many are Indian, meaning that anti-white animus explains a lot of their political leanings. The massive growth in the Indian population, as well as that group’s affluence and over representation in business, politics and government could mean that anti-white hatred and discrimination will only get worse. It will also have implications for gun rights, taxes, abortion, crime, welfare handouts, religious freedom and other issues Republicans claim to care about.

Barbara Comstock may well hang on for another election cycle or two. The western part of VA-10 is still overwhelmingly white, rural and conservative. From a recent trip there, it has been hardly impacted by immigration.

But, even with Comstock’s pandering, the writing is on the wall for Republicans in VA-10 and throughout the Commonwealth.

Needless to say, what is happening in Loudoun County has already happened in places like California and is currently happening in many other places throughout the US. It will keep happening—unless there is an immigration moratorium.

 Is your town next?

Eric Sievers writes from increasingly vibrant Loudoun County, Virginia

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