Happy New Year—2014 Was The Year Of Dave Brat
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2014 Losers: Eric Cantor and Conservatism, Inc. 2014 Winners: Dave Brat, and National Conservatism

This year has been “interesting” in the usual sense of “awful”, with, however, signs of hope. The various black riots/race hoaxes are the predictable, and predicted results of what we’ve called the Minority Occupation Government, combined with the MSM Megaphone Effect.

New media have and citizen activism have led to the phenomenon we call “Narrative Collapse”, most obviously visible in the UVA Rape Story.

Leaving aside the transitory, but significant events like the Ebola outbreak, the Unaccompanied Minor Surge, and even Obama’s post-election administrative amnesty, the most significant thing to happen in national politics in more than a decade was the election of Dave Brat in Virginia’s 7th District, combined with the defeat of Eric Cantor.

See House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Primaried By Anti-Cheap Labor, Anti-Big Business Economics Professor, by Jesse Mossman on February 8, 2014 and The Left Understands Brat Has Blazed A Trail To “National Conservatism”—But Conservatism Inc. Doesn’t Want To Know, by James Kirkpatrick, June 17, 2014 for VDARE.com’s reporting on it.

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