University of Texas Hoax Crime Hysteria Aims At Racial Cleansing—No Pushback From Campus Republicans
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End Islamophobia

“End Islamaphobia?” October 2 UT march in support of hate crime hoaxes and because a terrorist who made multiple bomb threats was described as speaking with a “light Middle Eastern accent”.

Weird Cult Or Whining Protesters?

At the University of Missouri/Columbia, where white students have been railroaded merely for mocking black racial privilege, black affirmative action students protest on October 12 in solidarity with UT/Austin hate crime hoaxers

At the University of Texas/Austin, racial socialist activists and their UT staff and Main Stream Media allies have launched a hysterical campaign to intimidate white students by claiming that they are guilty of “hate crimes.” The activists’ MO: constantly make up new stories of their victimization; re-define innocuous behavior by whites as “bias incidents” and “acts of racial violence”; stalk whites attending “fiesta” parties (isn’t this Texas?), and publish photographs of them. Unfortunately, there is no sign of white a.k.a. American opposition.

The activists’ apparent goals:

  1. Influence the Supreme Court to continue its support of Affirmative Action in college admissions;
  2. Take over a presently desirable off-campus neighborhood (West Campus) now populated by white and Asian students;
  3. Get all majority-white “Greek” organizations (fraternities and sororities) banned, disbanded, or under the racial socialists’ control;
  4. Ultimately, to purge UT of white students, save for a relatively small cadre of cultural Marxists.
Thus when a UT spokeswoman described a recent caller who said he was with Al Qaeda and had placed multiple bombs on campus as having a “light Middle Eastern accent,” it was denounced an instance of “racism and oppression” and a “recently reported incident[s] of bias.” A faculty ally, UT English professor Snehal Shingavi [Email him] said that “Arab or Muslim students would face bias or discrimination because of the University’s statement” and that he didn’t “see why the University needed to release information regarding the caller’s accent.” [Concerns raised over racial bias by Alexa Ura, The Daily Texan, September 17, 2012.]

Meet Taylor Raquel Carr.[Message her on Twitter]

Taylor Raquel Carr, R, at the October 2 hoax march

The anthropology major reportedly “identifies herself as black,” i.e., because she doesn’t look all that black, she has to instruct people to accept her politically-constructed identity.

Carr’s racially ambiguous appearance is significant. She keeps weaving new tales in which racially unidentified “racists” call her “racial slurs” and throw bleach-filled balloons at her from high apartment balconies—although she’s driving by at 2:30 a.m., and no one could racially identify her even if she were blue-black. [Students speak out against West Campus bias by David Maly, The Daily Texan, September 17, 2012.]

Carr also constantly co-founds new, overlapping “organizations” that exist only on paper, online, or not at all, containing the same few activists,: Texas Liberation Alliance, Social Justice Coalition, and Student Speak Out: Racism and Oppression.

But UT’s administration has been creating ever more very real “agencies” and divisions to provide the activists with power and paychecks, funded with millions of very real taxpayer dollars.

UT’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement spun off a “Campus Climate Response Team” last March. It should have been named “Hate Crime Hoaxes ‘R Us.”

The university urges students to report ‘biased behavior’ to its new task force, the Campus Climate Response Team.”

[UT Austin students claim 'bleach bomb' attacks target minorities by Dana Guthrie, Houston Chronicle, October 4, 2012.]

Then there’s the Multicultural Engagement Center:
The Multicultural Engagement Center (MEC) mission is to transform lives by providing diverse educational opportunities and support services for students. As part of this mission, the MEC houses the following student agencies: Afrikan [sic] American Affairs, Asian/Desi/Pacific Islander American Collective, Latina/o Leadership Council, Longhorn American Indian Council, Queer People of Color and Allies, and Students for Equity and Diversity.
This racial taxpayer-subsidized politicking employs the hoaxers’ comrades and, in some cases, the hoaxers themselves.

Meet Joshua Tang.

Joshua Tang (Looks Asian)

Tang is another campus activist who has to order people how to see him. He looks Asian but “identifies himself as an African and Chinese American.” [Police looking into reports of racially motivated bleach attacks in West Campus,,September 28, 2012]

In addition to typical race-racket sinecures (“an advisor to UT's Vice President of Diversity and Community Engagement,” member of Students for Equity and Diversity) Tang claims to be the “campus coordinator” for Teach for America (registration required).

Like Carr, Tang also claims to have been repeatedly been the target of “hate crimes” by racially unidentified assailants on West Campus—someone called him the “n”-word, someone threw a balloon “bleach bomb” at him.

‘When you aren’t around people of color and people of color are the hyper-other, then it becomes acceptable to do racist things,’ said Tang, who is a student associate in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.”

[A Tale of Two Neighborhoods by Andrew Messamore, The Daily Texan, September 14, 2012.]

“Hyper-other”? Austin is, with Berkeley, Madison, Ann Arbor and Cambridge, one of the most PC college towns in America. Tang expects us to believe that white students brainwashed since kindergarten never to talk about race, even in private, and who now live in this intensely anti-white environment, are openly calling people who don’t even look black the “n”-word, and throwing “bleach bombs” at them?

Tang claimed that he didn’t report the bleach-bomb “attack” to police, because the latter are hostile to “social justice [read: Marxist] activists,” meaning Tang.


Messamore’s Daily Texan article was part of Tang’s campaign for racial quota housing for “low-income” (= black and Hispanic) students in West Campus. It reported that, from 2000-2010, UT white undergraduate enrollment fell from 63.8 to 51.7 percent—but did not reveal that UT has done so via a campaign of continuous racial cleansing (aka “affirmative action”), admitting ever more unqualified Hispanic and black applicants, while rejecting qualified white applicants. In Fall 2011, the university shrunk the percentage of white undergrad admits to a mere 46.8 percent.

On October 10, the day that the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the affirmative action case, Fisher v. University of Texas, the bloodstained black race hoaxer Al Sharpton spoke in support of continuing affirmative action, “Accompanied by University of Texas student Joshua Tang…” [Groups rally in front of the court by K.C. Wassman, The Michigan Daily, October 10, 2012.]

The MSM misrepresented the predominantly non-white October 2 campus protest march supporting the hate crime hoaxes as having been organized by “students.” But its organizer was black former student Chas Moore. [Students plan march for equality by David Maly, The Daily Texan, October 1, 2012, updated on October 2.] Moore threatened violence against whites, and one marcher used a megaphone to intimidate white onlookers, shouting, “Those are the people we need to fight!” [Bleach bomb incidents ignite anti-racist demonstrations by Cody Permenter, The Horn, October 3, 2012; updated October 4.]

I searched in vain for opposition forces at UT.

Although the majority-white “Greek” fraternities are under siege by racist Affirmative Action students, I could find no Greek organization that spoke out against them. The only person from the Greek world who spoke publicly was an Alpha Phi sorority member Mandy Stein. And, as reported by The Horn’s Permenter, she sucked up to the racial socialist activists (“Please don’t dismiss everybody because there are people out there who care and that want to help”).

Last week, I repeatedly contacted the UT College Republicans (CR). Finally, I reached Executive Vice President Jordan C. Nichols. He said: “College Republicans does not have any comment to give regarding those issues. I apologize we can’t give you anything. That’s not anything we’re involved with.”

President John Horton of the overlapping “nonpartisan” Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT), did not return a telephone message I left him.

The UT CRs are always apologizing to their enemies for one thing or another and resigning under leftwing fire. Last year the UT College Democrats’ leader referred to the CR president, then besieged with charges of “racism,” as “Someone who seems politically correct most of the time.” [Racist tweet lands Univ. of Texas College Republicans in hot water by Alexis Levinson, The Daily Caller, December 20, 2011.]

The sad truth: Students who run groups like CR/YCT aim at becoming Conservatism, Inc. apparatchiks. They are political animals who know the score.

But their careerism comes at the price of deceiving UT students—and alumni—into thinking that there is an organized campus opposition.

CR and YCT need to lead, follow—or get out of the way.

Of course, normal, decent young people do not go off to college looking to fight race wars.

Well, they may not be interested in race war. But race war is interested in them. And younger Texans fought—and died—in the last Civil War.

Regardless of whether UT students fight back, why should Texas’ still predominantly white taxpayers continue supporting an increasingly totalitarian institution that is dedicated to discriminating against, dispossessing, and disenfranchising their children and themselves?

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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