A Dallas Reader Offers A Fraternal Correction
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October 08, 2012, 03:41 AM
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Re:University Of Texas Hoax Crimes Intended To Save Affirmative Action?

From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

Nicholas Stix mentions a border-themed party hosted by the Tri-Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha fraternities at UT. Although the LGBT- themed improvements to our culture will no doubt reform these institutions, last time I checked the Tri-Delts and Zetas were still sororities.
From the still male,
Gerald Martin
Dallas, TX

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James Fulford writes: The mistake—and it is a mistake—was the Daily Mail`s, and that`s why the note was headed "Inaccuracy alert".

Amazingly, Tri-Delt and Zeta Tau Alpha both identify themselves on their websites as women`s "fraternities", no doubt part of the modern trend that allows amazingly feminine young actresses to refer to themselves as "actors." However, that doesn`t excuse the Daily Mail. A famous riddle attributed to Abraham Lincoln is 

"How many legs does a dog have,  If you call a tail a leg?"

"Four, because calling a tail a leg doesn`t make it a leg."

Since both organizations remain all-female, they should be called sororities, whether they like it or not.