UNION JACKAL [4 ITEMS]: Gaza War Now In England; Braverman Fired For Criticizing Cops; Hezbollah in Costa Rica? ETC.!!
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Gaza War Now in England’s Streets, and More “Migrants” Might Soon Be, Too

The conflict in Gaza is now a proxy war on Britain’s streets, and the welcoming committee for the next wave of radical Muslim “refugees” is becoming more vociferous. Muslim countries bordering the conflicted region will not take the displaced, and Israel would much rather force yet another Islamic diaspora into Europe than clear up the mess its new Nakba is creating. The “migrants” will bring their grievances, but Britain’s Ruling Elites are apparently happy to burden the British people with ever more needy “migrants” from countries who despise what remains of Western values.

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf, a Muslim, immediately called for Gazans to be fast-tracked into Scotland [Scotland offers to become 1st UK country to accept Gazan refugees, faces online backlash amid Israel-Hamas war, by Danielle Wallace, Fox News, October 19, 2023]. An openly anti-white racist, Yousaf was angered by the failure of a vote in Parliament to insist on an Israeli ceasefire, and his redoubled effort to import his angry, unassimilable, dysfunctional coreligionists threatens his party’s stability.

Of course, thanks to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, another Muslim fifth-columnist, London already looks like occupied territory.

The Leftist MSM describe the mass gatherings, which have brought British cities to a standstill, as pro-Palestine “protests” or “demonstrations.” They are no such thing. They are militaristic rallies intended to intimidate native Britons, an effect for which all armies strive. The sight of hundreds of Muslims openly and without restraint “praying“ outside 10 Downing Street, the residence of Britain’s Prime Minister, is usefully compared to the arrest of a white Christian woman for praying silently opposite an abortion clinic [Sombre prayer vigil outside Downing Street, Salaam.co.uk, October 19, 2023].


Suella Braverman Fired for Anti-Cop, Anti-Palestinian Times Piece

Britain’s Hindu Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fired Hindu-derived Interior Minister Suella Braverman after she accused British cops of “two-tier policing” by showing favoritism to pro-Palestinian protesters, whom she called “Hate Marchers.”

“There is a perception that senior police officers play favorites when it comes to protesters,” Braverman wrote for London’s Times [Suella Braverman’s article: Police must be even-handed with protests, The Times of London, November 8, 2023]. The cops let the pro-Palestinians do what they wish, even as they adopt sterner tactics for protesters who lack the political affiliations approved of by Britain’s Deep State—pro-lifers for instance. The double standard also applies to “climate change” vandals, below:

The feathers that Braverman ruffled, and Sunak’s sacking her, show just how true her claim is.

Political analysts say Braverman might run for Conservative Party leader, and possibly, Prime Minister, as she has said in the past [A day after Britain’s prime minister fired her, Suella Braverman accuses him of being a weak leader, by Jill Lawless, Associated Press, November 14, 2023].

Sunak is a curious character. He does not seem to hate Britain. Instead he’s just indifferent. He is an incredibly rich Hindu for whom no one voted, and it seems the premiership is for him a fetching addition to his resumé. He doesn’t care whether the Conservatives lose the next election, which now looks like a foregone conclusion. Being P.M. was just something on his bucket list. And so there is no real pressure on him to support Israel while appeasing the Muslim voting bloc. He held a U.S. green card (permanent residency) until 2021 and may very well predate there next. Look out America!

For my old schoolmate Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, it is a very different matter. Any British politician who wishes to win the keys to 10 Downing Street had better get used to cognitive dissonance, because he must please both the Jewish and the Muslim lobbies, the Board of Deputies, and the Muslim Council of Britain respectively.

Starmer is acutely aware of the Leftist MSM’s verdict—the only one that matters in what is merely a nominal democracy—that his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite. In the meantime, he must control both his party and think about how he might control the country should Labour, as expected, win next year’s General Election.


Anti-Social Climbers Attack War Memorial, Cops Stand and Watch

The build-up to November 12th’s Remembrance Sunday, a commemoration held in all former British Empire countries to honor the dead of two World Wars—proportionally far more devastating than in the U.S.—featured both the MSM’s and social media’s building a bonfire and waiting for two opposing factions to light it.

The pro-Palestinians, who spoiled a traditionally somber and respectful day, were a mix of Muslims and white leftists, augmented by climate agitators such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Black Lives Matter also attempted to boost their fading brand.

As is increasingly the case, symbolism played a large part in this aggression. As pro-Palestinian direct action accelerates in England, much of it involves climbing … literally. Italian arms manufacturer Leonardo—“a global industrial group that builds technological capabilities in Aerospace, Defence and Security”—has a factory in Southampton, on England’s south coast that needs a new roof. Activists—or “actionists” as they describe themselves—from something called “Palestine Action” climbed onto and then smashed the old one [Palestine protest at Leonardo UK Southampton factory, by Jose Ramos, Southern Daily Echo, November 16, 2023].

Meanwhile, unopposed by London’s police, demonstrators clambered onto the Royal Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner. Chief Superintendent Mark Rowley’s reason for not arresting the “protesters” was extraordinary even in this age of official lies and deception [We can’t arrest protesters who climb war memorials, claims Met, despite Sunak calling it an ‘affront,’ by Martin Evans, Charles Hymas, and Will Bolton, The Telegraph, November 16, 2023]. Apparently, London’s police have no interest in defending British war memorials, which include London’s Cenotaph, which represents the fallen men whose remains never even made it home.       

On Armistice Day itself, the Regime Media redoubled its efforts to ensure trouble. Tommy Robinson’s arrival in the vicinity of the Cenotaph was treated as the return of the far-Right king, and a contingent of white football supporters intent on protecting the Cenotaph from vandalism were cast as “far-Right” combatants [Tommy Robinson: Cenotaph clashes could mark return of far-right figure, Emily Duggan, The Guardian, November 12, 2023].

Robinson is outspokenly pro-Zionist, and other British nationalist groups were sceptical of his role.


U.K. Schools Drawn into Gaza Fray—As in U.S.

While children are notoriously used as “human shields” in the Gazan conflict itself, schoolchildren in Britain are increasingly being used as advertising billboards to promote the Palestinian situation.

Pupils in predominantly Muslim immigrant areas of Britain skipped school to attend rallies in which many held flags and placards [‘Hundreds’ of schoolchildren join pro-Palestine protest in Tower Hamlets, by Jordan King, London Evening Standard, November 17, 2023].

“Community tensions”—Leftist MSM code for permanently angry, trouble-making Mohammedans—have gone from simmer to a boil. Britain is now a kingdom intentionally divided by the political gauleiters who run it, and along the lines which Yuri Bezmenov warned the West about in the 1980s.

There will be blood.


A Personal Note: Did I Just Meet a Future Terrorist?

I live on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, recently a temporary home to Venezuelan illegal aliens stalled on their way to the Land of the Free. Problem is, they sleep in doorways. There are no taxpayer-funded hotels for them here, such as those offered by England and United States. Migrants don’t get free stuff in Latin America.

They are still here, Venezuelans have told me, because Nicaragua regularly closes its southern border. That keeps illegal migration very much Costa Rica’s problem. The two countries have an uneasy relationship, a bit like England and Scotland. Closed borders in Central America lead to “migrants” being stalled before continuing the trek north.

Some obvious bad guys are stalking about the town. The occasional teardrop tattoo indicates that the bearer has killed at least one person, probably in jail.

But most Venezuelans are peaceful families. I gave one mother a bag of coins that had accrued in my kitchen, plus a bunch of the small, sweet bananas that grow in the courtyard outside my apartment. I find their accent easier to follow than that of Costa Ricans, who speak Spanish much more rapidly than other Latin Americans.

One lady made me laugh when I asked her when she thought she would arrive in the United States. “I’m staying here,” she said. “It’s nicer.” I guess it is certainly nicer than Venezuela, where residents of Caracas broke into the national zoo to steal animals for food several years ago [Venezuela crisis: Zoo animals stolen and eaten amid food shortages, by Gabriel Samuels, Independent, August 17, 2017]. I don’t imagine conditions have improved.

So much for Venezuelans. One thing I was not expecting to see was a Muslim. I have met two in eight years: an English property developer and a Tunisian who owned one of the area’s biggest hotels.

So, when I saw an almost stereotypical Muslim man outside a store, it was like seeing a four-leafed clover. He had the Mohammedan’s distinctive brown eyes, black hair, and low-slung beard worn without a moustache, and wore a dishdasha, classic Muslim garb. I spoke to him politely in Spanish and he answered me rather coldly in excellent English. I asked him if he came from Venezuela, and he said that he did not. But taqiyyathe Islamic art of lying as sanctioned by the Koran—doesn’t work on me. I wondered what on earth this chap was doing aboard the “migrant” caravan.

One possible answer: The Latin American countries that designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization are Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Venezuela remains rather quiet on the issue, mainly because the country is the largest continental redoubt for Iran and its provisional wing, Hezbollah.

By coordinating with other authoritarian regimes, including China, the Iranian regime spreads its anti-Western animosity. Thus, the Iranian effort is part of “the front of China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, to push back what they consider to be Western imperialism” [Emanuele Ottolenghi on Iranian Operations in Latin America, by Marilyn Stern, Middle East Forum, December 23, 2022].

Maybe I’m Islamophobic, but I wonder whether I had just met someone who will shortly enter not only the United States but also the history books … and not in a good way.


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics, Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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