Remembrance Day In London As Police Fight ”Counter-Protesters” At WWI Memorial
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Today is Remembrance Day in the U.K., when Britons remember those who died in the line of military duty. It’s a solemn occasion, which Britons take seriously. Quote from me, writing about this 22 years ago, before I got naturalized:

I think every country reserves a special place in the collective memory for her bloodiest war. For the U.S., that was the Civil War, which killed more Americans—from a smaller population—than all other wars since, combined. For us English, the Great War was WW1, and to this day we wear poppies in our lapels on Remembrance Day. The Flanders poppy was a symbol of all those who died on the western front in 1914-18, immortalized in the poem by John McCrae (who was actually a Canadian):

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row
That mark our place …

However, the Muslims who have flooded into Britain this past fifty years, and who now occupy entire towns, are having a mass demonstration against Israel in central London today, in defiance of legacy Brits conducting themselves in solemn remembrance of their ancestors’ courage and sacrifices.

Last night I said on the podcast that

There may be counter-demonstrations by legacy British patriots; but if there are, the police will arrest them for disturbing public order, while smiling benignly on the shrieking Muslims. That’s how bad things are over there now.

I weep for the country of my birth.

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