Tired Of Hollywood’s Woke, And Failing, Actioners? Try Vox Day’s New Comic Book Series
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Earlier by Paul Kersey: New PUNISHER Series Just More Anti-White Propaganda (Although Leftists Hate It Anyway). Time For An “Alt☆Hero”!

Given woke Hollywood’s fare these days, the fate of Director Elizabeth Banks’s ultra-feminist reboot of Charlie’s Angels, like that Terminator Dark Fate, was as predictable as Banks’s hissyfit when it bombed on opening weekend. It earned a paltry $8 million against a $50 million budget. (This weekend was worse, barely over $3 million). Banks griped that American men who didn’t plunk down $9.25 for a ticket and $7 for popcorn were “reinforce[ing] a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies” [Elizabeth Banks suggests her 'Charlie's Angels' box office bomb is because men 'don't go see' female-led action films, by Joseph Wulfsohn, Fox News, November 18, 2019]. She’s right—men don’t! My advice: if you want a good actioner, forget pozzed Hollywood and the New York publishing houses. Instead, try Vox Day’s Alt-Hero comic book series—an effective antidote to the modern entertainment industry’s anti-white, anti-male egalitarian poison.

Day, whose excellent website is a daily must-read, has just released Alt★Hero Volume One. Give it a read to see what Day and his collaborators are producing. One of them, by the way, is Chuck Dixon, the country’s top comic book writer and the co-creator of Bane. Dixon is writing Alt★Hero: Q.

Even a glance at Alt★Hero Volume One suggests that Marvel President Kevin Fiege won’t  consider it for the big screen. Here’s why:

The Global Justice Initiative, led by Captain Europa, is a group of superheroes dedicated to preserving the European Union and stamping out any European patriot or member of Génération Identitaire who attempts to light a fire for sovereignty from this tyrannical regime.

In the best of Volume One’s six issues, The War In Paris, the Global Justice Initiative employs Antifa, the shock troops of the state and ruling-class establishment, in a massive fight against French nationalists near the Eiffel Tower.

During the climactic battle, Captain Europa tells the resistance leader Durand: “You defend what does not exist! They [the refugees] have the same right to be here as you. They are the new France!”

As the battle rages, Durand reminds Captain Europa that France has been occupied before, that the Germans thought they’d won too.

Captain Europa replies: “What is German? Now we are all Europeans and we are the future of all humanity!”

Day, who is a devout Christian, even worked in Lord of the Rings.

“I never sought this,” a resistance leader says to a woman member of the nationalist cause. “I never wanted this” he says while perusing her library … then stopping at LOTR.

“They neither request nor require your assent,” she replies. “And those who have not swords can still die upon them.”

Alt-Hero impressed me so much I asked Vox Day to answer a few questions about the series and his leadership role in the Dissident Right.

What made you ditch Conservatism Inc. and go out on your own over the past five or six years?

As I have stated repeatedly ever since I became a nationally syndicated columnist for Universal Press Syndicate many years ago, I am not, and I have never been, a conservative. Conservatism is not a political philosophy, it is not an ideology, and it is not even remotely viable.

You've been a prolific science fiction author and write extensively about the Leftward drift of culture in the western world. What was your epiphany to help you realize that “no one was coming to save us” and you had to start your comic book company?

Back in 2005, I was named to the Science Fiction Writers of America's Nebula Award jury for the third time. While my previous two jury stints had been unremarkable, this third one sparked a protest by science fiction SJWs led by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, an editor at the biggest science fiction publisher, Tor Books. When an author whose work I still like very much, Charles Stross, told me that my political views had rendered me unpublishable by any mainstream publishing house, I realized I was eventually going to have to strike out on my own. After the SFWA board voted to expel me from the organization in 2013—a remarkable action considering the pedophiles and convicted child molesters who are still SFWA members in good standing—I knew the time had arrived. So, we founded Castalia House in 2014, Arkhaven Comics in 2017, and Viral Films Media in 2019.

Who have been some of your greatest mentors?

One of the things lacking on the dissident right are legitimate mentors for younger people who get interested in our ideas. For intellectual scope, Umberto Eco. For humanism, Herman Hesse. For rhetoric, Aristotle. For courage of conviction, my father Robert Beale. For writing fiction, Bruce Bethke and Joel Rosenberg. I have also benefited greatly from the experience of working with William S. Lind, Martin van Creveld, and the late Jerry Pournelle.

Talk to me about your comics and the coup of landing Chuck Dixon (writing Avalon for you). For readers unfamiliar with Dixon, elaborate on his tremendous resume and his contributions to DC, IDW, and now working with your line.

The Legend Chuck Dixon, as he is rightly known, is the most published comic book writer in the Western comics industry. He’s written everything from Batman to the Punisher to the upcoming Alt★Hero: Shade comic for Arkhaven. A lot of people were very excited to see he had backed the original Alt★Hero crowdfunding campaign, and when I saw that, I called him up and asked him if he'd like to write his own series with us. He was interested, and that's how Avalon came to be. He's astonishingly fast and it is very humbling to see how masterfully he develops both characters and storylines. I very much enjoy working with him.

Who is your favorite character within the Alt-Hero pantheon and why?

I'm particularly partial to Dynamique. She cracks me up with her insouciance and shamelessly mercenary approach to life. And who doesn't like hot French redheads?

What do you hope to accomplish with your comic line? Also, you’ve started crowdfunding for a full-length feature film. What are the goals for your endeavors for Arkhaven Comics over the next few years in all facets of media (print/cartoon/feature film/and, of course, action figures)?

To fill the void in the space that Marvel and DC are in the process of abandoning. They're interested in introducing readers to degeneracy and perversion, and indoctrinating them into Social Justice politics. We're interested in telling great stories the readers will enjoy with great characters to whom the readers can relate.

You’ve written some excellent books on SJWs, which have basically infected every institution in the western world. Where do you see the greatest hope for western civilization to prosper?

Return to the Christian religious values, the Greco-Roman philosophical legacy, and the European nations that are the three pillars of the West. Remove any of them and the resulting society will not be Western nor will it be civilized.

Building our institutions (whether it be comics, entertainment, pop culture or payment processors and subscriptions to exclusive web content as you’ve done with Owen Benjamin and others) must happen and you are one of the pioneers of this push. What advice or thoughts do you have those who are being deplatformed or who are starting in crowd-funding?

Don't worry about the deplatformings. They will soon be a thing of the past [Day says to read his book, Corporate Cancer: How to Work Miracles and Save Millions by Curing Your Company, to find out why].

But we still need to build our own institutions and support our own projects rather than support the endeavors of those who hate us, hate America, hate the West, and want to destroy everything that is good, beautiful, and true.

Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

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