The Long Silence—The Cologne Sex Attacks And The German Media.
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Germany-Cologne-Train-StationIt took four days for the German Mainstream Media to report New Year’s Eve mass sex assaults on women by up to 1000 heavily intoxicated immigrants of “Arab or North African origin “, as the German police describe the still-unapprehended perpetrators—now. The internet and social media alone forced the MSM’s hand. And the German political class has  plans for that.

What happened on a Cologne square near to Germany´s most famous Catholic cathedral recalled the sexual mob crimes on Tahrir Square in Cairo during the infamous “Arab Spring. “ While Germans welcomed the New Year with fire crackers, well-organized groups of immigrant men 18-35 surrounded and isolated their victims. So far more than 118 women have reported to the police that they were mugged by dozens of men who groped, insulted and robbed them. At least one woman was raped. [‘I Feel So Dirty. So Used’ — Harrowing Testimony Of Cologne Victims, Breitbart, January 6, 2016]

Significantly, similar attacks happened on New Year´s Eve in Hamburg, in Stuttgart and in other German towns. [Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women, BBC, January 5, 2016]

As in most cases of crimes committed by immigrants and “refugees” in Germany, the news was available only in the social media. At first, only two MSM outlets—the online editions of a local paper in Cologne and a magazine in Munich—reported the assaults.

One key reason for the delay: the reluctance of the local police themselves to report crimes linked to asylum seekers. “Exuberant atmosphere—celebration mostly peaceful” was the title of the Cologne police report published the morning after. [Archived copy: POL-K: 160101-1-K/LEV Ausgelassene Stimmung - Feiern weitgehend friedlich]

But in fact the police were very well informed about the events in the historic center of the city. Apart from anything else, a police woman had been assaulted too. Several police officers witnessed what was going on but were not able to intervene because they were surrounded and threatened by hundreds of aggressive and violent delinquents.

But only on Monday January 4—four days later—did Police Commissioner Wolfgang Albers denounced “criminal offenses of a completely new dimension” with a thousand suspects whose appearance indicate their “Arab or North African origin”.

Nevertheless, although the delinquents could not be identified arrested, the commissioner was sure that there were no asylum seekers among them!

On Tuesday January 5, the story finally entered the MSM—accompanied by the usual warnings not to blame Islam, mass immigration and Angela Merkel’s welcome policy towards “refugees,” which allegedly have nothing to do with the marauding gangs of Arab sex offenders.

It was a worst scenario for Leftists of all colors, Open Borders activists, feminists and Merkel´s cabinet because it affected women and immigrants, two of the most coddled client groups of the German welfare state.

But what happened in Cologne was simply too big to be ignored like the numerous individual cases of sexual violence committed inside and outside Germany’s refugee centers, the brawls between different ethnic and religious groups, and the continuous harassment of Christian refugees by Muslims.

Germany’s rulers prefer not to see what really happens in their country. In their eyes, the real danger are not militant Islamists and violent gangs of young men “with an immigrant background”, but Germans who Notice those crimes and are therefore regularly insulted as “racists” and “Nazis”.

A solid majority of the Germans does not trust politicians and the MSM. But multiculturalism and the ideology of perennial German guilt still dominate televised debates and op-eds in Left-leaning newspapers like the influential Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The tyranny of Political Correctness is supported by legal constraints, which do inhibit the police and the MSM’s ability to mention the ethnic origin or the religious affiliation of a perpetrator, particularly if he is part of a “vulnerable minority”. As a rule, the police do not report it at all.

(In December the Ministry of The Interior in the German state of Baden-Württemberg published for the first time figures on criminal offenses related to asylum applicants between January and November 2015. They represented one percent of the total population of Baden-Württemberg but were involved in five percent (27,255) of all registered crimes— among them 1000 cases of grievous bodily harm, 22 of attempted homicide and 700 of domestic burglary. Syrian asylum seekers were on top, with 5,576.)

The German “Press Council”, instituted in 1956 to head off government regulation by voluntary self-regulation, allows in its Code of Conduct the mention a criminal’s affiliation with an ethnic, religious or another minority only if the crime is directly related to that affiliation. [Guideline 12. 1 Reports On Crimes]You may report it, for instance, when Muslim gangs attack Christians because of their religion, or when Palestinians march together with German Communists and Nazis shouting “Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the gas!” as in Berlin last June. [Wave of anti-Semitic rallies hits cities across Germany, Times Of Israel, July 21, 2014] But you must not mention it in the case of sexual assaults, robbery, burglary or other crimes, because these crimes are not exclusively committed by these ethnic or religious groups.

In Cologne, there were simply too many women who described the sexual mob as of “Arab or North African origin” to be ignored. But one or even several individual cases would not have been enough to break the wall of silence.

Not less alarming are the attempts to shut down dissent voices against Merkel´s reckless policy of Open Borders. Take the case of Akif Pirincci, a German writer of Turkish origin, who warns constantly against the danger of Islamization and the transformation of Germany into a “Muslim dumping ground”. His books, among them Germany Gone Mad, [Deutschland von Sinnen ] were bestsellers—until this fall, the big publishers and bookshops decided not to distribute them anymore. It was the first time since the Nazi era that such a boycott had occurred. But instead of protesting, most German public intellectuals defended censorship.

Similarly, the Catholic journalist Matthias Matussek was fired by the newspaper Die Welt because he after the November massacres in Paris he posted on his personal Facebook page: “I think that the Terror in Paris will move also our debate about open borders and a quarter million of non-registered young Muslim men in our country in an entirely new and fresh direction”.


That debate has not happened, but Matussek lost his job.

Although German government, Establishment political parties and the MSM do their best to protect multiculturalism against a dissenting public, the country still does not meet the Political Correctness requirements of supranational European institutions. Thus the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), arguably the most dispensable body of the Council of Europe, has lambasted Germany because “the notion of racism is often interpreted too narrowly”—it does not cover “certain statements about Muslims focusing on security issues or a supposed 'integration deficit’.”[ECRI Report On Germany, February 25, 2014 PDF]

These European guardians of PC criticized the fact that German newspapers carried excerpts from Thilo Sarrazin’s best-selling book Germany Abolishes Itself, which allegedly contains arguments “close to the theories of eugenics espoused by the National Socialists”.

Here are some of the citations the ECRI regards as typically Nazi:

  • “Immigrants from former Yugoslavia, Turkey and the Arab countries are at the heart of the integration problem.”
  • “Many Arabs and Turks in this city have no productive function, except for the fruit and vegetable trade.”
  • “If the least intelligent people have a higher fertility rate, the average intelligence of the population decreases.”
  • “I do not want the country of my grandchildren and great grandchildren to be mainly Muslim, that Turkish and Arabic are largely spoken, that women wear headscarves and the daily routine is determined by the call of the muezzins.”

What can we expect from 2016? Recently, the European Commission estimated that 3 million “refugees” could arrive in the EU in the course of the year—three times more than in 2015. Ms. Merkel still refuses to fix an upper limit to the influx of asylum seekers. If anything, the debate in Germany about a tightening of the asylum law only increase the influx—they want to get in as soon as possible because they fear that the gate could close.

My prediction: the dictatorship of Political Correctness will be further strengthened in Germany. Dissidents will be persecuted. Violence will occur between different groups of asylum seekers and between asylum seekers and the native German population. Social assistance will be redistributed from the European working poor to Arab immigrants. Islamization will continue.

And not just Germany, but also Europe, abolishes itself.

Friedrich Zauner [Email him] is a writer in Germany.


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