Representative Scott Perry Brings The Demographic Question To Congress
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Tucker Carlson has recently discussed the demographic question, which we here at VDARE have been discussing for years.   

Now a U.S. congressman, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania's 10th District (with an A+ from Numbers USA), has brought it to Congress. 

From the National File:

On Wednesday morning [April 14], US Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) echoed Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s concerns that immigrants are coming here to replace native born Americans for the benefit of the Democrat Party. In a subcommittee meeting this morning, dedicated to trying to understand the root cause of Central American migration, especially in recent months, Perry took the floor and explained “For many Americans, what seems to be happening or what they believe right now is happening is, what appears to them is we’re replacing national-born American — native-born Americans to permanently transform the landscape of this very nation.”   [Rep. Scott Perry Criticizes Border Crisis, Brings Tucker Carlson's Replacement Migration Arguments to Congress, by Nathaniel Linderman, The National File, April 14, 2021]

Good for Representative Perry.  This needs to be discussed in Congress.  It needs to be understood by the American public. 

The Washington Post didn't like Perry's comments, entitling its article Tucker Carlson's Toxic 'Replacement' Rhetoric Gets Picked up in the House.

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