Immigrant Mass Murder Watch: 7 Dead, 12 Wounded at Fort Hood, No Word On Shooters
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7 Dead, 12 Wounded reported at Fort Hood, Texas. No word on whether it's an immigrant mass murder type thing, a terrorist attack, or what. I do know that most of the victims would have been unarmed, in spite of Texas's liberal concealed carry laws. The reason? They're in the Army. I wrote about the Fort Dix plot that

The Fort Dix terrorists could certainly have killed many more people than Cho Seung-hui, the Virginia Tech killer.
The Federal Government likes to claim that they have security in place. But Army bases are basically unprotected. Self-defense trainer John Farnam points out that soldiers on and off base are as unarmed as the students at Virginia Tech.
The soldiers may have a "Culture of Self-Defense," but the Army's fanatical insistence that guns be kept unloaded (even in parts of Iraq and Afghanistan) means that an attacker would have a lot of unarmed people to shoot at before he was overwhelmed.

Updates on the shooting will be found here and here.

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