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August 13, 2003, 05:00 AM
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"Britons" - Part Two; etc.

A while back I did a story about an Islamic terrorist in Israel who held a British passport, and who the press referred to as a "Briton." I called it "Glory in the Name of Briton," a phrase from George III`s speech on ascending the throne. (Remember George III?)

"Britons" are in the news again. The New York Times reports that a British subject has been arrested for trying to sell terrorist weapons to be used on American soil. [U.S. Holds Briton on Missile Charge, By David Johnston and Philip Shenon, NYT, August 12, 2003]

In fact, the main suspect is "Hemant Lakhani, a British citizen of Indian origin" according to MSNBC, which helpfully had a newspaper artist draw a picture of Mr. Lakhani.

The surname Lakhani can be either Hindu or Muslim. But MSNBC doesn`t say, of course.

It`s good that the United States and Britain are allies. But what kind of alliance is possible with "Britain"?

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Bush Backs Bad Bill

On Monday, we posted The Arizona Amnesty Bill – Two Disasters In One! in which Juan Mann reported on the horrible new stealth-amnesty bill put up by some Arizona Republicans.

Juan concluded:

"No word yet on where the Bush Administration stands. Let`s be hopeful, but watchful."

A watchful Arizona reader instantly sent us this breaking news:

"The president was enthusiastic about the bill," said Kolbe. "He is supportive and told us to take the legislation up with his staff."

The controversial guest-worker proposal would allow millions of foreigners — including illegal immigrants already in the United States — to live and work here with temporary visas.

Kolbe, McCain and the other sponsor, Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., say the bill would reduce migrant deaths on the U.S.-Arizona border, fill needs for low-skilled labor nationwide and improve national security.

[Bush says he supports Kolbe-McCain-Flake immigrant worker bill Aug. 11, 2003, David Pittman, Tucson Citizen].

Now we`re just watchful.

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American Flight

In his latest column The real voting, Thomas Sowell says that Americans in California are voting with their feet against immigration.

"The latest census data show — for the first time — that more Californians have been moving to other states than people in other states have been moving to California. Between 1995 and 2000, California had a net loss of more than 600,000 people to other states. People are voting with their feet.

"California`s total population has not gone down, however. Immigrants have replaced Americans. Apparently California is still considered to be preferable to Mexico or Central America."

This has been a VDARE.COM theme for some time. But while immigration is most noticeable near the borders and the East and West coast, there`s nowhere in the US you can go, from Colorado to Iowa to rural Michigan, that won`t be affected by mass immigration.

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Rico, Rico, Rico

The Center for Immigration Studies has a new Backgrounder on the use of RICO legislation against employers of illegal immigrants:" RICO: A New Tool for Immigration Law Enforcement" August 2003,By Micah King (of FILE) [Click here to read it in HTML  or PDF.] it covers the lawsuits initiated by Howard Foster, on which we`ve reported here before. [see Psst! Wanna Join A Class Action Suit Against Employers of Illegal Immigrants? And TODAY`S LETTER: Howard Foster Reports A Victory Against Illegals` Employers]

For those people, especially those people on the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal, who don`t understand how RICO laws can be used in fighting illegal immigration, I offer my short form explanation of the legal issue from Illegals` Employers Meet RICO Doomsday Machine:

RICO is a brutal weapon. It has been misused in the past, for example to attack political dissent.

But these suits are legitimate:

  1. A crime has been committed. If Tyson is guilty, they`ve violated the Immigration and Nationality Act in order to make money. The technical name for this is "enterprise crime" and of course, it`s "Organized Crime" even if they don`t have guns.

  1. Tyson made money from it. Tyson has 120,000 employees. (Every dollar an hour that they can lower their average wages is worth roughly a quarter of a billion dollars annually.)

  1. American workers lost money. (See above.)

  1. They`re suing.

We at VDARE.COM wish them luck.

We still do.

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