That Live Oak High School Flag Decision: What Will Happen When Hispanics Rule (With Help From The Treason Court)
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The February 27 decision by the notorious U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that California school officials could ban students from wearing the U.S. flag on Cinco de Mayo because of an alleged fear it would “provoke” racial violence was a disgusting capitulation to Hispanic supremacism and Mexican Reconquistas, and a betrayal of white Americans. There is no other way to describe it. As’s Allan Wall asked, what country are we living in?

But no one in the Main Stream Media, liberal or “conservative,” has pointed out the decisive fact: 2010 was the first year in Live Oak High School’s history that Hispanics outnumbered whites., a popular source of information about schools, lists the racial composition of the student body and the way it changed over the decades.

From 1988 until 2009, whites outnumbered Hispanics at Live Oak High. But Hispanics slowly grew in number, while whites decreased—until they became a minority in 2010.

Not coincidentally, 2010 was also the year that Mexican students threatened American students for wearing their flag on Cinco de Mayo—and the American students were sent home or told to change their clothes, while the Mexicans were allowed to celebrate their national flag.

2010 was simply the flashpoint in the mounting conflict brought about by racial population change.

Imagine the sense of dispossession and loss on the part of those poor American parents, as an American school took on the trappings of the Mexicans who had been allowed into the district in overwhelming numbers—legally and illegally, remember there an estimated 2.5 million illegal aliens in California

Now the immigrants, and their ungrateful anchor-baby progeny, are a living curse, protected under the wing of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The school has become more diverse—and a direct result is judicially-backed anti-white hostility.

To this symbol, we can add the substance of ongoing anti-white discrimination, in the form of rampant Affirmative Action—which the Old Glory-hating alleged future "Reagan Democrats" overwhelmingly support.

No less than 63% of younger (18-24) Hispanics in a Georgetown University poll supported Affirmative Action to “redress past discrimination.” [Diverse, Disillusioned, and Divided: Millennial Values and Voter Engagement in the 2012 Election, Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown Univ., 2012]. An Angus Reid poll showed that 65% of Hispanics support Affirmative Action for their own group in education, while 68% support it in employment [Americans Offer Conditional Support for Affirmative Action, Angus Reid Public Opinion, 2011.] Whites a.k.a. Americans, in contrast, are opposed to affirmative action for Hispanics in education by 66% and opposed to Affirmative Action for hiring Hispanics by 70%.

So Hispanics came here voluntarily, legally and illegally, to live a life far better than that found in the societies created by their ethnic compatriots. They found a free and prosperous country—which they quickly began to reduce to the same level as their native lands. And they want to use the political system to extract privileges for themselves—something economists call rent-seeking—through a system of flagrant anti-white discrimination.

The “past discrimination” that Affirmative Action is supposed to “redress” presumably refers to the Mexican-American War of 1848, since the overwhelming majority of the current Hispanic population wasn’t here to be discriminated against until very recently. That war is a perpetual spring of anti-American, anti-white hostility—which the Stupid Party can’t begin to fathom.

In remarks for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Barack Obama once said:

Long before America was even an idea, this land of plenty was home to many peoples. To British and French, to Dutch and Spanish, to Mexicans, to countless Indian tribes. We all shared the same land. [Obama: "Mexicans" Were Here "Long Before America Was Even An Idea," ,, Sept. 21, 2010]

Of course, there was no Mexico “before America was even an idea”—Mexico was part of the Spanish Empire—but we all know what the clean, articulate man meant. He wants us to share the land again because it never should have been exclusively ours to begin with.

The Stupid Party doesn’t want to know how common these ideas are on the American Left.

The Mexican-American War is known as “Invasion Americana: American invasion.” So says Salvador Rueda, director of the National History Museum at Mexico’s Chapultepec Castle. [America’s “Forgotten War,” south of the border, CBS News Sunday Morning, May 5, 2013]

Who can forget the Absolut vodka ad pandering to Mexican nationalist grudges? [A Vodka Tonic for Mexico’s Loss?, By Ioan Grillo, Time, April 8, 2008]

“I believe a lot of the immigration debate that’s going on now operates in a vacuum, where people are not realizing that in fact Mexicans are here in lands that once belonged to Mexico” said  historian Amy S. Greenberg. [Author to immigration reform opponents: “A lot of people live in land that was taken from Mexico”, by Jazz Shaw,, May 5, 2013] We all know what that means: because something bad (maybe) happened to minorities a long time ago, white Americans must bear guilt forever.

The rich cartoon-villain lobbyist Al Cardenas, who as ACU caudillo is supposed to attract Latino grape pickers to the GOP, will not be easing that guilt or addressing the Latin American socialist character of the immigrants from south of the border. Instead, Republicans prefer their own moronic propaganda about Outreach, Messaging and Sensitivity. They can’t see that many Mexicans harbor profound nationalist resentment towards the U.S.

Thus Live Oak High School was the scene of a civilizational clash that Republicans want to ignore—but Democrats want to encourage—straight out of The Camp of the Saints  In Jean Raspail’s novel, the Westerners are crippled by “dogmatic, relentless doubt” about their past and their racial identity. So when the immigrant armada invades, the nation is caught off guard by “those dark forces bent on destroying our Western society, ready to plunge forward in the wake of the invader, behind the convenient shield that our guilty conscience provides them.”

And what better shield for the guilty American conscience than a court of law? The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit enabled Live Oak High School officials to suppress the free speech rights of patriotic students, for the benefit of Mexican Reconquistas. Free speech meets civilizational white guilt.

Live Oak High School is now roughly 45% white and 46% Hispanic.

On current trends, it’s the future of America.

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