After All These Years, Reconquistas Still Mad At Pete Wilson
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After all these years, Pete Wilson is still the target of open borders anarchists.

On a beautiful California Saturday afternoon in San Diego, assorted La Raza goons and gay activists protested the unveiling of a statue honoring the city’s former mayor, U.S. Senator and California governor. [“Wilson Statue Is Unveiled As Latinos, Gays Protest,” Jeanette Steele, San Diego Union-Tribune, August 26, 2007]

We shouldn’t be surprised. If the reconquistas are still mad about the Mexican-American War more than 150 years ago, then Wilson’s support of Proposition 187 in 1994 denying benefits to illegal aliens is just yesterday to them.

Ask anyone in the immigration reform movement to name their heroes and two are certain to make any list: Tom Tancredo and Wilson.

Too bad Wilson can’t run for California governor again. He’d win in a landslide. Even the jerks with the bullhorns would agree.

Marcellus Armiger, a San Diego reader, was at the ceremony. His letter that we will post tonight, Sunday, provides more details.

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