“Sheldon City”—Supreme Court’s McCUTCHEON Allows Adelson To Buy Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Even Faster
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GOP Call Girls

GOP Presidential Aspirants at the Adelson Las Vegas Primary. H/T Bookyourvacation.com

The Supreme Court’s McCutcheon vs. FEC decision today (April 2) will have one stark consequence, summarized by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig:

Already we have a system in which Congress is dependent upon the tiniest fraction of the 1% to fund its campaigns. I’ve estimated the number of relevant funders is no more than 150,000 (about the number of Americans named “Lester.”) If aggregate contribution limits are struck, that number will fall dramatically. More will be raised from a smaller number of contributors—maybe as few as 40,000 (about the number of Americans named “Sheldon”). So abolishing aggregate limits will move us from Lesterland to Sheldon City, increasing a dependence on the funders…

Originalists Making It Up Again: McCutcheon and ‘Corruption’, Daily Beast, April 2, 2014. Emphasis added.

As it happens, we know what “Sheldon City” looks like: the utterly sickening display in Las Vegas last weekend as GOP Presidential aspirants groveled for Jewish Plutocrat money. Thanks, Pat Buchanan, for laying out the basic facts in Sheldon Adelson, War Party Oligarch

For four days ending Sunday, a quartet of presidential hopefuls trooped to Las Vegas to attend the annual gathering of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Impresario: Sheldon Adelson the Vegas Macau casino mogul…who dumped $92 million into the election of 2012.

Adelson kept Newt Gingrich alive with a $15 million infusion of ad money, gutting Romney, and then sank $30 million into Mitt's campaign.

After discussing Adelson’s crazy proposal that America should nuke a section of the Iranian countryside as a demonstration Pat concluded

Is this what Republican presidential candidates must do now?

Kowtow to this fattest of fat cats who wants to buy himself an American war on Iran?

The only cheering aspect of this nauseating spectacle: the uninvited and discarded Newt Gingrich proved once again that he is exceptionally intellectually resourceful. (VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow noted this in early 2012 when Gingrich raised the issue of America’s legislating judiciary.) He struck back with Newt Gingrich says wealthy donors like Sheldon Adelson have too much influence by Maeta Gold The Washington Post March 28 2014

"...if you're going to have an election process that radically favors billionaires and is discriminating against the middle class—which we now have—then billionaires are going to get a lot of attention."

Of course considering the 2012 Gingrich Campaign was entirely shaped by Adelson money—as were his Hispandering activities in the preceding years—this called for a certain amount of ethical flexibility.

But that does not mean he is wrong now. Furthermore Gingrich could reasonably argue high standards should apply all round.

The conventional simile for the “Adelson Primary” was that used by one of the very rare Republican operatives to disapprove: Matthew Dowd Blasts GOPers for ‘Kissing the Ring’ of Sheldon Adelson by Evan McMurry Mediaite.com March 30th 2014.

Alas this image is wrong. The Pope only blesses people who kiss his ring. Adelson uses them, often in loathsome ways. The accurate image is that of a Call Girl/Prostitute selection process (see helpful picture above).

This is extremely serious. When I began writing about Sheldon Adelson’s political influence in 2012, it was hard to document his views other than that workers’ wages needed to be driven down by breaking Unions and that America should be employed to obliterate any possible threat to Israel. But after his blatant Wall Street Journal advertorials late that year, he has been increasingly open in his opposition to any shred of Social Conservatism remaining in the GOP Platform as this recent arrogant briefing of the Washington Post demonstrates: Billionaire mogul Sheldon Adelson looks for mainstream Republican who can win in 2016 by Maeta Gold and Philip Rucker March 25 2014

Victor Chaltiel, a GOP donor and an Adelson friend who sits on the board of Las Vegas Sands, said…Adelson admires Bush and believes he has the unique potential to do what Romney could not: win over a large number of nonwhite voters. Bush, whose wife is Mexican American, speaks fluent Spanish.

“Jeb Bush, because he’s bilingual, because of his wife, he has a better chance to reach out and get more access to the minorities,” Chaltiel said.

Shawn Steel, a Republican National Committee member and prominent California-based fundraiser, called Adelson “a very rational guy”...

“He wants to have the guy or the gal who’s most likely to put a coalition together to win in November,” Steel said. “The candidate will have to have a strong …and really be emotionally tethered to bringing in middle-class Latinos, Asian Pacifics, Jews and blacks like never before.”

In particular, Adelson has declared in favor of Amnesty.

Adelson is spending his money to buy Amnesty and a nation- wrecking Immigration Surge  and perhaps even more to prevent the emergence of the GOP as the Generic American Party making a full-blooded appeal to the Historic American Nation on National Conservative issues  - especially patriotic immigration reform. Only in Israel is that sort of thing to be allowed.

The unintelligent Left has not grasped this and indulges in much simple-minded raucous jeering about Adelson’s spending . Sometimes, though, they do useful work as in Bribery, Money-Laundering, And Islamophobia: The Sheldon Adelson Story The Media Forgot by Hannah Groch-Begley MediaMatters March 31 2014

A search of the Nexis and Factiva databases from March 24 to March 31 turned up several articles in the papers mentioning the billionaire, none of which mentioned Adelson's checkered past...

In 2012, Adelson's corporation came under three different investigations from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, and the Securities and Exchange Commission, for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), an anti-bribery statute. Additionally, the Times reported at the time that several of the company's subsidiaries also "came under investigation by Chinese regulators."

Adelson allegedly attempted to bribe the Chief Executive of Macau, where a substantial portion of his casino business was located, and reportedly instructed Sands Corp. to bribe a Macau legislator with about $700,000 in "legal fees." (ProPublica reported that "several Las Vegas Sands executives resigned or were fired after expressing concerns" about the fee.)

…Adelson initially insisted that he was being unfairly targeted, but Sands Corp.'s own audit committee ultimately admitted there were "likely violations" of the anti-bribery law. And in August 2013, Sands Corp. agreed to pay the federal government more than $47 million in a settlement to resolve a separate money-laundering investigation, in which the casinos were accused of "accepting millions from high-rolling gamblers accused of drug trafficking and embezzlement."

... In 1999, when Adelson built a new casino, he failed to pay so many of his contractors that they filed a whopping 366 liens against the property, in addition to filing complaints with stage agencies and the FBI.

Another example is Sheldon Adelson ring-kissing weekend confirms GOP 2016 field will be awesome by Jed Lewison Daily Kos Monday Mar 31, 2014

…it wasn't just the candidates who provided colorful moments during the weekend. Adelson—who, don't forget, was nursing a cold—pitched in as well:

Adelson perused the breakfast buffet of bagels, lox, pastries and eggs, using his fingers to sample a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese in a serving bowl.

Ewww. Gross. But given that he treats elections the same way, not surprising.

VDARE.com entirely agrees. Sheldon Adelson is a lethal threat to our political health.

Anyone who accepts money from him is an enemy of America.
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