SAID IN SPANISH: Mexican Media Gloats Over Debate, With Help From "David Brooks"; More Musical Mexican Meddlers; ETC.
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When I last reported, the Mexican elite was panicking about Trump. After the debate, like the American Left, they’re convincing themselves they don’t have to worry…again. But that still doesn’t stop Mexicans (and the government of Argentina) from trying to meddle in an American election.

Trump-Hillary Debate In The Mexican Media

The Mexican media had plenty to say about the first Trump-Clinton debate and you can imagine how objective they were. Former president Vicente Fox, who has been obsessed with the Trump campaign and hysterically denounces it (perhaps to stay in the public eye), shrieked Debate de Hillary y Donald, como ver ‘La Bella y la Bestia’: Fox (“Hillary and Donald Debate like watching ‘Beauty and the Beast’”) Excelsior, September 9, 2016].

118A follow-up article after Trump’s further commentary on colorful Venezuelan former beauty queen  Alicia Machado was entitled Trump vuelve a despotricar contra Alicia Machado: 'Era lo peor' [“Trump rants again against Alicia Machado: ‘She was the worst’) although if anybody was ranting about Alicia, that it Hillary.

Then there was Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who starred in the Desierto movie which portrays an apparently Trump-inspired American randomly shooting Mexican illegal aliens in the desert. The actor called Trump an “imbecile, the enemy of all goodness and of all humanity.” He tweeted to Trump No tienes idea de lo que es un país de tercer mundo, Trump. No tienes no puta idea [“You have no idea of what a Third World country is, Trump. You have no (Spanish 6cnw3bisexpletive deleted) idea”][Gael García Bernal se lanza rudo contra Trump, by Alfredo Avalos, Vive USA (part of Universal), Sep. 27, 2016].

One more headline is worth mentioning, on September 27th in Mexico’s Leftist (by Mexican standards, so it’s really far Left) Jornada: Medios y observadores coinciden: Hillary Clinton le ganó el debate a Trump [“Media and observers coincide: Hillary Clinton beat Trump in the debate”].

And guess who wrote that article? The  Jornada’s corresponsal [correspondent] in New York, someone called…David Brooks.  (No, not the NYT’s professional token (neo)conservative—this is another one.)

Vicente Fernandez’ Clinton Corrido


In a previous Said in Spanish article I wrote about famed Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, who was invited to sing at the 2000 George Dubya Bush Republican convention to attract American Latino voters to the GOP. Needless to say, that plan didn’t work. And on April 16th of this year, in his “farewell concert”, the legendary Vicente Fernandez launched into a rant against Donald Trump.

Well, as often happens in showbiz, the much-ballyhooed “farewell” was not permanent. Vicente Fernandez has come out of retirement to release a corrido, a traditional Mexican ballad.  Its topic: Hillary Clinton.  It’s addressed to American Latinos to get them to vote for Hillary. “El Corrido de Hillary Clinton” was financed by the U.S. Latino Victory Project organization [Mexican icon Vicente Fernandez ditches retirement to record ballad supporting Clinton, Fox News Latino, September 22, 2016].

At the beginning, Vicente Fernandez, leaning on a fence, addresses U.S: Latinos with Queridos hermanos, su voz es su voto Juntos se puede  [“Dear brothers, your voice is your vote. Together it can be done.”)

Here are the lyrics—my translation:

I am Latino to the bone, very proud of that

And I remind you my brother, We have to go hand in hand

Until Hillary Clinton has her triumph assured.

We are an important family, always advancing.

My liberty, my rights, with Hillary there is respect.

With her as president we will always have a bridge.

My people were hurt that someone would offend.

Hillary we are with you, you can count on our vote.

You are going to be our voice, being in the presidency.

So there you have it – a meddling Mexican citizen  singer partnering with a U.S.-based Latino Treason Lobby group to influence the outcome of an American election.

Do you think any Republicans will complain about this?  How about the Republicans who invited Vicente to sing at the GOP convention 16 years ago?

In California Concert, Mexican Rock Band Maná Displays Giant “Greater Mexico” Map, Blasts Trump

mana_2016_328x253-328-254Vicente Fernandez is not the only Mexican music star meddling in our election.

Maná is a group of (white) Mexican rockers who like to meddle in U.S. politics.  Click here for what they did at the most recent Latin Grammys, and here, here and here  for previous pieces on Maná.

They’re still at it. They just played a concert before a crowd of 17,500 in The Forum in Inglewood, California—which is still officially U.S. territory.

At the beginning of the Maná concert, an enormous banner was placed which covered the stage and projected an image of Mexico when it was a bigger territory, before ceding a part of it to the United States. In the limits of the current border, partitions were drawn with captions such as “hate”, “racism”, “xenophobia” of which Maná called to knock down and show the power of the Latinos.

[Maná rinde tributo a Juan Gabriel y rechazo a Donald Trump , Excelsior, September 25, 2016]

This is what the concertgoers were told, presumably by “Fher”, the band’s vocalist, spokesman and general loudmouth.
We Latinos are more than 50 million in this country and so we invite them to go out and vote and rescue the Latinos and show our power in this country.”
The Maná Band considers Los Angeles, California as their second home. They said:
“We have come here for a long time and we have been treated well. When we cross the border we feel as if we were still here in Mexico.”
The next day, the 25th, Maná had another concert. Latino Fox News reported:
Mexican pop band Mana rocked Los Angeles on Sunday night at a concert at The Forum arena that combined its greatest hits with a political message encouraging Hispanics to vote in the upcoming United States presidential elections. "We don't want racism, we don't want violence, we don't want any discrimination," shouted Mana vocalist Fher Olvera during the Los Angeles concert, part of its "The Latin Power Tour." "This country is multicultural, made by immigrants. And whether this bastard [thought to be a reference to D. Trump] likes it or not, we are already more than 50 million Latinos," said Olvera, alluding to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump without naming him explicitly.

[Mexican rock band Mana pushes Latinos to vote: 'We don't want any discrimination', September 26, 2016]

It’s also worth noting the concert started with a “a video showing the historical process of Mexico progressively losing land to the U.S."

Why do they keep bringing that up?

Argentine Government Throws Its Weight Against Trump

argentinaTrump must be shaking in his loafers—the government of Argentina has announced its support for Hillary.  According to Notimex:

The Argentine foreign minister Susana Malcorra confirmed today that the government of Mauricio Macri [current Argentine president] feels closer to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States than with Republican Donald Trump.

Ratifica Argentina más cercanía con Clinton que con Trump, September 27, 2016

No doubt this Argentine support is very strategic. The announcement was made 42 days before the U.S. election.

Consider that Argentina declared war on the Axis Powers on March 27th, 1945—just 41 days before the Nazi surrender on May 7th.

I guess when the Nazis saw that the Argentines had turned against them, they knew there was no hope and surrendered.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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