Mexican Rock Star Stirs Up Latino Concertgoers
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Mexican rock group Mana used a concert at an American university to stir up the local Latino concertgoers.

From Fox News Latino and originally the EFE news service:

Mexican rock band Mana urged thousands of Hispanic concert-goers here to take a stand against racism in the United States and never forget where they come from.

Mexican Rockers Urge Latinos to Combat Racism in U.S. July 15th, 2011

"Never forget your roots ... we have to keep fighting those lousy damn racists," lead singer Fernando "Fher" Olvera told some 10,000 people packed inside George Mason University's Patriot Center on Thursday night.

This particular concert was in the state of Virginia, at George Mason University's

ironically-named "Patriot Center". If it's a "Patriot Center" why do they allow a Mexican rock star to stir up anti-Americanism?

Referring to huge flags of Latin American nations that decorated the stage, Olvera said they are a "symbol of Latin American unity."

"Latin American unity", not American unity, as we understand it.

During the sold-out show, Mana offered a selection of its biggest hits and a sampling of songs from the band's latest album and delivered a political message in favor of the environment and immigrant rights.

Just as with many English-language rock stars, it's not enough to make big bucks playing rock music, you also have to promote "causes".

Olvera called on Hispanics to fight back against what he termed a wave of racism against immigrants in the United States, where Mexicans make up around 60 percent of the Latino population.

By "racism against immigrants" Olvera means enforcing U.S. immigration law.

Look at photographs of the rich rock star here, he certainly appears to be a Euro-Mexican.

During the concert, Olvera also said he was grateful for the presence of advisers to President Barack Obama, whom the band supported in the 2008 election.

Did you get that? This Mexican rock band supported Obama, the Democratic candidate, in the 2008 U.S. election.

Mana appealed to the nationalism of thousands of Mexicans in the audience, who loudly cheered when Olvera shouted his customary "Viva Mexico cabrones!"...

During Thursday night's two-hour performance, part of the band's tour to promote its comeback album "Drama y Luz," Mana also used a giant screen to convey its pro-environment and pro-immigrant messages.

Don't forget. These guys aren't just rich rock stars, they are promoting "causes".

Twenty-two-year-old Wendy Rocinos, part of a group of young people of Mexican and Central American descent who shouted and took photos with their cellphones throughout the evening, said the concert was "excellent" and that she seconded Mana's "call to action."

"I think they're right because there's a lot of racism and we have to build a better world," Rocinos, a U.S. citizen with Salvadoran parents, told Efe.

Another member of her group, Alfredo Chavira, 25, said "there are a lot of ignorant people in this country and they have to understand that there shouldn't be any racism."

By "racism" Chavira probably means any opposition to the radical Latino agenda, or even the desire of ordinary American citizens that our laws be enforced.

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