Mexican Rock Group Does Concert With Obama
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Maná is a popular Mexican rock group, and by Mexican I mean born in Mexico, not Mexican-American. They are also Euro-Mexicans, if you look at their photo hePale, Almost Gothic Mexican Musiciansre you notice they fall into the white segment of the Mexican population.

I've written about Maná before. They gave a concert last year in Virginia and were stirring up the Latino concertgoers, see here.

During our election, this group, composed of Mexican citizens,  remember, is endorsing Barack Obama for re-election and was recently in the state of Nevada doing a free concert/campaign rally along with Obama. They performed their music and Obama gave a speech to a crowd of about 11,000.

Say, what would happen if a U.S. rock group went to Mexico and campaigned for a Mexican candidate?

Maná vocalist Fher Olvera, who is not a U.S. citizen declared to the crowd in Spanish that "Tenemos la convicción de que Obama es el mejor candidato para los latinos." (We have the conviction that Obama is the best candidate for the Latinos). "

Hmm, what about the rest of us?

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