A Buenos Aires Native Wonders What Would Happen If Argentina Were Our Southern Neighbor
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From: Alberto (e-mail him)

What if America's south of the border neighbor were Argentina instead of Mexico?

Americans would never complain about immigration from the south  because Argentina is  97 percent white.

In the U.S., a Hispanic is perceived as brown Mexican or Central American with Aztec or Mayan roots, possibly a black from the Caribbean islands or any "mulatto'' that speaks Spanish.

That is why when Americans visit Argentina, they can't believe their eyes and think somehow they took the wrong flight and landed in Europe.

All this because of the misconception and /or ignorance in the use of the term "Hispanic" to indicate a race that does not exist. Just because a people speak the same language does not mean they are of the same race.

Joe Guzzardi comments: We get this a lot—that if immigrants were white Europeans, we would be happy as clams. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am no more supportive of more immigrants from Sicily than I am from any other country. Immigration moratorium now! 

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