SAID IN SPANISH: A White Balthazar?; Eiza Gonzalez—Another Moaning Mexican Movie Actress; Latin American White Supremacists Condemn American “White Nationalism”; ETC. [FIVE ITEMS]
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VOX Navidad Greeting Attacked As “The Hatred Of The Extreme Right”

The wise men, or Magi, who visited the Christ Child in Matthew Chapter 2, are a longstanding part of Christmastime celebrations. In Spanish-speaking countries, one of the Wise Men, Balthazar, is usually portrayed as being black. This goes back centuries—see the 1619 painting Adoration of the Magi by the great Velazquez, right.

So a Navidad (=Christmas) greeting by a local branch of Spain’s right-wing VOX Party caused some controversy—because the accompanying illustration portrayed all three Wise Men as white:

[La felicitación de Vox con el Rey Baltasar blanco que nunca se llegó a enviar (“The Vox Greeting with a White King Baltazar That Was Never Sent,”  by Jesús A. Canas, El País, December 12, 2019]

The illustrated greeting went viral and was roundly condemned.

  • “This is the hatred of the extreme right”, pontificated Jose Maria Gonzalez Kichi, mayor of Cadiz.
  • Jose Luis Bueno, on the city council of Adelante El Puerto, tweeted: “Hey Vox Cadiz—what happened to King Balthazar? Have you detained him at the border? Deported?”

Anti-climatically, Juan Carlos Sanz, leader of the VOX Party in Cadiz, explained that the illustration was not the design officially chosen, but was somehow released online.

Nowadays, not even Navidad en España is from race-baiting controversy.


“Camp Of The Saints” Invaders Spreading Into Atlantic

Besides the many Camp Of The Saints-type vessels that cross the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe, some are beginning to use the Atlantic Ocean. Recently, one from Gambia, with 150 passengers en route to the Spanish Canary Islands, capsized off the coast of Mauritania: (See map).

At least 63 immigrants of various nationalities have died after their boat capsized this Wednesday [December 4] in the waters of the Atlantic off Nuadibu (470 kilometers north of Nuakchot) in Mauritania….Another 83 occupants of the same boat managed to escape with their lives after swimming to the coast of Mauritania…..The boat had set sail last Thursday [November 28] from the coast of Gambia en route to the Canary Islands, carrying between 150-180 passengers of various nationalities, the majority being Gambian and Senegalese between 20-30 years of age. Authorities are searching for the missing, which could be up to 40 people. The boat, which seems to have always traveled near the coasts, hit a reef and turned over… only those who knew how to swim could make it to the coast and save their lives.

[Al menos 63 muertos al naufragar en Mauritania una patera que iba a Canarias (“At least 63 Dead After Boat en route to the Canaries Capsizes off Mauritania”) El País, December 5, 2019]

The El Pais article isn’t specific about how big the vessel was, using two Spanish words that would be translated as “boat”. But whatever the size of the vessel, I’m sure there were too many passengers on it.

This tragedy happened because the Europeans have failed to prevent Africans and Middle Easterners from flooding their continent. European navies should be turning such boats back, and promptly deporting any migrants who get through.

Because they haven’t, Africans just keep going and keep doing more and more dangerous things, like crowding themselves on vessels and crossing the Mediterranean, and now the Atlantic.

It reminds me of what John Derbyshire has written about transatlantic crossings from Africa to North America. Even that could become more common.


Eiza Gonzalez—Another Moaning Mexican Movie Actress

Since the 1920s, a number of Mexican actors and actresses have done well in Hollywood. See a partial list here beginning where it says “It’s not as though…”

Salma Hayek, below, was already well-off when she went to Hollywood, and was very successful there. She is now the wife of a French multi-billionaire, but still complains about how she suffered racism in Hollywood. See here and here.

Now there’s Eiza Gonzalez, below, a newer and younger successful Mexican actress and singer, who moved to Hollywood in 2013.

Not to be outdone by Salma, she has complained about discrimination also. But with a twist:


During the closing ceremony of the International Film Festival of Los Cabos, the Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez received the International Star award for her contribution to increasing the visibility of the Latin contingent in the international movie industry and took advantage of the opportunity to speak of the difficulties that she encountered while beginning her career in Hollywood... “I arrived in the United States and encountered other limitations. They were saying, ‘She is a Latina, but she speaks English well’ or “she is white, and also morena [brunette or dark-complected] but she doesn’t look like a Mexican.’ I don’t think that for being Mexican I can only have Mexican roles. Yes, I am Latina, I want to demonstrate that we are a blank canvas.”

 [Es latina, pero habla bien inglés: los comentarios que recibía Eiza en Hollywood (“She is Latina, But Speaks English Well: The Comments that Eiza Gets in Hollywood”), by Oscar Ramos, Milenio, November 16, 2019]

But don’t worry, diversity triumphs. Quoth Eiza:

“Something very great has transpired in the world, there is more consciousness of diversity, and now we see more people of distinct colors and ethnicities on the big screen, which also opened the doors to me.”

At least, unlike Salma Hayek, Gonzalez does not yet seem to have lyingly sworn allegiance to the United States.


Juan Hernandez Warns Mexicans Not To Cross Border

Remember Juan Hernandez, the dual U.S.-Mexican citizen who has worked for both Vicente Fox and Gary Johnson, infamous for saying shamelessly “we are betting that the Mexican American population in the United States … will think Mexico first.” 

Hernandez is currently the State Secretary of Migrant and International Relations in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, in Central Mexico, one of the top three Mexican states in dollars received via remittances from the U.S. 

Hernandez is still defending Mexican illegal aliens:

“They need us there [in the U.S.]. It’s a lie that we are invading. It’s not the same now. Really the treatment of the migrants seems to be to be totally unjust.”

But Hernandez is also realistic. He is carrying out a public campaign warning people from Guanajuato about entering the U.S. illegally.

Hernandez warns people from Guanajuato:

“Don’t seek out smugglers, don’t go with these ghost companies that promise you visas for the United States, don’t try to return to the U.S. as indocumentados. People are dying in the rivers and in the deserts. 

[No regresen a EU siendo indocumentados, se están muriendo en los ríos: Hernández (“Don’t Go Back to the U.S. as Indocumentados, They are Dying in the Rivers: Hernandez”), by Renata Quintanar, El Milenio, December 11, 2019]

According to Hernandez, 2100 guanajuatenses (= people from Guanajuato) return monthly from the U.S. to Guanajuato—1100 deported and 1000 returning on their own.

Self-deportation works!


Latin American White Elites Vs. American “White Nationalism”

The Mexican foreign ministry just hosted an Encuentro Latinoamericano, a Latin American “Encounter” or Summit, entitled México ante los extremismos: el valor de la cultura ante el odio” (“Mexico In The Face Of Extremisms: The Value Of Culture Against Hate”).  Its program declared:

In a world where hate, racism and xenophobia are gaining, and while violence is invoked in the name of the superiority of some, Mexico, in harmony with its diplomatic history, vindicates the universal principles of equality of all human beings and calls for an intense cultural promotion of shared values and the protection of life with the Right to Asylum.

Program: México ante los extremismos: el valor de la cultura frente al odio

Latin Americans, you see, are going to teach the world how to live in peace and harmony.

A communiqué from the Mexican foreign ministry reported that

[Mexican Foreign Minister] Ebrard said that in Latin America and the Caribbean can articulate a future vision not based on hate, but on respect and the right of peaceful co-existence.

[El canciller Marcelo Ebrard clausura Encuentro Lationamericano “México contra los extremismos (“Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard Closes the Latin American Summit ‘Mexico Against Extremisms’”) Mexican Foreign Ministry Comunicado #433]

Topics discussed included hate speech, hate crimes and “The Great Replacement” as “Hate Speech”.

But check out some featured speakers at this summit:


He resembles Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr, who coincidentally was in Mexico City talking with Ebrard the very next day (see here).

Did nobody south of the border catch the irony?

White Latin Americans may be the most successful “white supremacists” in the world today.

But the summit had no workshop or speech on that topic!


American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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