SAID IN SPANISH (5 ITEMS): White Mexican Elitists Smear IDENTITY EVROPA; Mexican Songbirds Warble For DREAMers; Hispanic Leftist “Refugee” Runs Canada’s Culture Ministry; ETC.
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Boo Hoo! White Mexican Elitists Call IDENTITY EVROPA Racist

Recently, IDENTITY EVROPA protested in front of the Mexican consulate in New York City. The group’s website says it’s “a fraternal organization for people of European heritage located in the United States that participates in community building and civic engagement.” That sounds benign, and embassy protests are, after all, regular events. U.S. embassies are frequent targets. On Jan. 20, 2017, Inauguration Day for The Donald, protesters in Mexico City whacked a Trump piñata and wrote anti-Trump nastygrams—“Donald = Hitler,” to cite one—upon a cardboard wall.

Typically, diplomats hang tight and let protesters be. As long as they’re peaceful, a diplomat shouldn’t, and really can’t, do much about it.

But Mexico’s top diplomats have that Hispanic sense of entitlement. The foreign ministry, the Consul in New York City and even the Foreign Minister smeared IDENTITY EVROPA’s demonstrators.

The foreign ministry even issued a dramatic communique: “The Government of Mexico Denounces Acts of Racism in New York.”

The government of Mexico, through the foreign ministry, expresses its most energetic condemnation for the incident that occurred this past Saturday [July 28] in front of our consulate in New York City.

A group of demonstrators shouted racist slogans and distributed pamphlets against the Mexican migrant community.

[El Gobierno de México Denuncia Actos De Racismo En Nueva York, Communicado #215, July 31, 2018].

Actually, IDENTITY EVROPA denies shouting racist comments or passing out “anti-migrant” leaflets [Identitarian Action | EP: 14 Defend Identity in NYC, IDENTITY EVROPA, Aug. 8, 2018]. That isn’t the group’s style. Just watch the protest--the protesters hold up giant letters spelling out "Build the Wall". “America is being overrun by illegal immigrants,” a speaker says, “and the Mexican government is complicit in this invasion.”

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All true. The protest was not anti-Mexican. It was anti-illegal immigration and opposed the Mexican government’s well-documented complicity in border anarchy.

Back to Mexico’s bloviating foreign ministry:

The Mexican government expresses its deep rejection of these racist and xenophobic practices that are the source of bitterness and discrimination, and that cause the climate in which the bilateral relationship develops to deteriorate. The government of Mexico emphasizes the contributions of Mexicans to the economy of the United States and their contributions to the communities in which they reside...

Oh yeah? So why doesn’t Mexico want these wonderful folks back home to contribute their time, talents and taxes there?


The Foreign Ministry, through its embassy in the United States, has presented a diplomatic note to the Department of State to express its rejection of this type of demonstration.

gomeztweetSo Americans are not supposed to demonstrate in their own country because Mexico or Mexicans take offense? But Mexicans can beat a Trump piñata and write “Donald = Hitler” on a fake wall?

Now, listen to this tweet from Consul Diego Gomez Pickering:

A white supremacist group congregated in front of the Mexican consulate shouting false slogans about the demographic conformation of the United States and the Mexican migrant community, to them we say #NoPlaceForHate! There is no wall that can divide what centuries have united…

Not to be outdone, Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray tweeted this:

On Saturday [July 28] a group of racists, ignorant people and xenophobes appeared at our consulate in New York, shouting racist slogans against Mexico and against Mexicans. We reject and condemn these acts energetically. Respect is the basis of friendship among peoples…

gomezpickering lvidegaray“Respect”? Like flooding your neighbor with people you don’t want in your own country? Or meddling in your neighbor’s immigration policy?

One final detail. Look at Gomez Pickering and Videgaray. Those two are so white they could pass for members of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers! That’s because they’re members of Mexico’s very white, race-based socioeconomic hierarchy .

And they cry racism and White Supremacy?!


Singing For The DREAMers

Mexican music stars obviously have not received the memo that DREAMers have been here so long they can’t possibly go home because they know nothing about Mexican society and culture.

So the merry troubadours are organizing a free concert tour titled “Breaking Borders” for — you guessed it — DREAMers.

But if DREAMers are so clueless about Mexico, how would they know about these Mexican minstrels?

The performers are Los Tigres del Norte, a U.S.-based band of mostly dual citizens, famous for their Reconquista anthem, Somos Mas Americanos, and Alejandro Fernandez , aka El Potrillo (the Colt). Alejandro Fernandez is the son of the famous singer Vicente Fernandez, who recorded a pro-Clinton song during the 2016 campaign for which Crooked Hillary personally thanked him. (Collusion, anyone?)

000tigresHere’s Notimex, the official Mexican news agency:

The Tigres del Norte and Alejandro Fernandez will offer to the thousands of undocumented young people known as DREAMers the opportunity to attend some of their concerts free in the upcoming

Rompiendo Fronteras Tour USA 2018 (Breaking Borders Tour USA 2018) that begins in August and will appear in 20 cities.

Los Tigres y El Potrillo Cantarán Gratis Para Los ‘Dreamers,’ (Los Tigres and El Potrillo To Sing Free For The ‘Dreamers’), El Excelsior, July 18, 2018.

The concert tour begins August 23 in Newark, NJ and ends November 18 in Denver, CO.

Memo to ICE: Send some agents to the Breaking Borders concerts to let the entertainers and their adoring fans know our borders won’t be broken.


Flyers Scare Mexican Restaurant’s Employees, Customers?

La Opinión, a U.S.-based Spanish-language outlet, reported something really scary:

In southeast [sic] Virginia a new case of racial bullying was reported, outside a well-known Mexican restaurant. Flyers with racist messages, calling readers to report illegal aliens to ICE, have elevated the fear among employees of the well-known Rodeo Grande in Roanoke, Mundo Hispanico reported.

The restaurant workers at Rodeo Grande were surprised this Sunday, July 22nd, when the vehicles inside the parking lot had flyers placed on them asking “to report illegals” to immigration authorities.

“This is racism and persecution of Hispanics,” said Gerson Sevillia [a Honduran immigrant] who is in charge of the restaurant …..

[Piden Reportar A Indocumentados Con ICE A La Salida De Restaurante Mexicano, (“They Ask For Undocumented Persons to Be Reported to ICE Outside a Mexican Restaurant)”, July 31, 2018].

The subtitle: “[T]he bullying campaign against the restaurant in Virginia seeks to frighten employees and customers.”

The flyers, the report says, came from The Daily Stormer, which might be true. But why should a legal immigrant be frightened?


Russia-Obsessed Media Silent About Meddling Mexican Ministry Man Meeting With California “Allies”

The Main Stream Media is obsessed with Russian meddling. But as I noted recently, Tucker Carlson bravely and correctly fingered the real meddlers. And not so much as a peep from the MSM, or for that matter, the GOP.

White Mexican Carlos Sada, the Foreign Ministry’s Subsecretary of North America, recently visited  consulates in Oxnard, Santa Ana, and Los Angeles, CA:

Undersecretary Sada held working meetings with lawyers, directors of organizations of the civil society and community and academic leaders, with the objective of strengthening alliances of the government of Mexico with these persons in benefit of the Mexican community that resides in the United States.

[Se Fortalece La Relación Con Aliados Estratégicos Locales En California (The Relationship with Strategic Local Allies in California is Strengthened), Mexican Foreign Ministry (SRE) Communique # 221, August 3, 2018].

And Sada also palavered with “lawyers, directors of civil society organizations and community and academic leaders”—or “strategic allies”, as the communique calls them.


“Strategic allies?” How much more collusive can you get?


Foreign-Born Latino Runs “Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism”

The Mexican media has proudly observed that a Latino just joined the Canadian cabinet to manage “heritage and multiculturalism:”

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, included the legislator of Latino origin Pablo Rodriguez as Minister of Heritage and Multiculturalism. Rodriguez, who is 51 years old, was born in Argentina, where his father participated in politics. His family emigrated as refugees to Canada.

[Latino, En Gabinete De Trudeau (A Latino In Trudeau’s Cabinet), by Notimex, Excelsior, July 19, 2018].

[ Note: His father left in Argentina in 1973, during Argentina's "Dirty War" period, which means that the politics he participated in were those of the  violent left. ]

CBC reports that, a member of Parliament and the chief government whip, “will oversee a large budget that doles out federal funds to cultural projects, CBC/Radio-Canada, and the Canada Council for the Arts.”

Trudeau’s office said Rodriguez will “help ensure the vitality of Canadian arts, culture and heritage while promoting the diversity and inclusion that makes Canada stronger” [Meet The 5 Rookie Members Of Trudeau’s New Cabinet, by John Paul Tasker, CBC, July 18, 2018].

Canada, Justin Trudeau once told the New York Times, is the “first post-national state” and has “no core identity, no mainstream” [Trudeau’s Canada, Again, by Guy Lawson, The New York Times, December 8, 2015].

The stunning 95,000 Canadians who died in combat in the last century might have been interested to know that when they went over the top at Vimy Ridge, liberated Holland, or defended South Korea,  etc.

Well, we now know how Canada reconciles “heritage” and “multiculturalism.”

It’s a patronage job for an Hispanic “refugee” Leftist.


American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual. In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.


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