Hillary Clinton Attacks Imagined Russian Meddling In US Elections But Is Fine With Mexican Support (On Her Behalf)
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In the past two debates, Hillary Clinton has expressed her shock at purported Russian meddling in a U.S. election, claiming that foreign intervention in a U.S. election has never occurred before.

On the other hand, Hillary apparently has no problem with Mexican intervention to help her in the election.


As I’ve reported before, the Mexican government, through its vast consular network, has been working to get Mexicans in the U.S. naturalized as American citizens so they can vote against Trump. Even the Mainstream Media has noticed this.

Hillary herself, after the latest debate, received Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez backstage, and thanked him for recording a song calling on Latinos in the U.S. to vote for her in the U.S. election. I wrote a Said in Spanish article which discussed his song.

Here’s a video of the song itself:

So here you have a Mexican citizen singer (Vicente Fernandez), recording a song (financed by the U.S. Latino Victory Project organization), calling on U.S. Latino voters to vote for Hillary and against Trump.

The article Clinton tells Chente she "loved" his 'Hillary' corrido [By Cindy Ramirez, El Paso Times, October 21, 2016] includes a video of Hillary (and Bill) with Vicente Fernandez.



“I loved your song” gushed Hillary.

“The next president” said Vicente “Chente” Fernandez.

Hillary’s reply: “Thank you for your help in doing that”.

So she’s thanking a foreigner for helping her win the presidency. How about that?

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