Mexican Petri Dish Located
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If you want to gaze upon a micro version of the future Mexifornia, the small town of Maywood, near Los Angeles, provides a handy model. The place is almost entirely Hispanic and has the corresponding level of schooling: nearly half of the population over age 25 have less than a 9th grade education.

When Mexicans take over a town in America, they unsurprisingly bring their homeland values. After all, they came to steal jobs and extend Mexico, not become Americans.

Forget American core beliefs about equal justice under the law; a two-tiered system exists in Maywood, where citizens are required to obey the laws and pay the fines, but "immigrants" (i.e., illegal aliens) are cut unimaginable slack [Welcome to Maywood, Where Roads Open Up for Immigrants, Los Angeles Times, March 20, 2006].

Foreigners are not expected to have drivers licenses or car tags; nope, too oppressive. That annoying law stuff is for the suckers.

Welcome to the third world, here in America, resulting from immigration anarchy. (Watch an animation of Los Angeles' explosive Hispanic population growth, which shows that open borders and fertility run amok are more effective at implementing invasion than a division of panzers. )

In Maywood, where 96% of the residents are Latino, and more than half are foreign-born, the City Council has vowed to make the municipality a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants, and over the last few months it has set out to prove it.

First, the city eliminated the Police Department's traffic division after complaints that officers unfairly targeted illegal immigrants. Then it made it much more difficult for police to tow cars whose owners didn't have driver's licenses, a practice that affected mostly undocumented people who could not obtain licenses.

In January, the City Council passed a resolution opposing a proposed federal law that would criminalize illegal immigration and make local police departments enforce immigration law.

No traffic enforcement! Well, that's diverse, (though not exactly strong on public safety). Let's all take a drive through Maywood!

Seriously, here's a map showing the location of Maywood, so you can avoid the place.

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