Africans Storm Border Fence to Enter Spain
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Two small enclaves of Spain lie on the coast of Morocco and are a gateway to Europe for voracious African men anxious to reach the gravy train. Ceuta and Melilla, shown on the map, have increasingly been a magnet for Africans seeking free stuff in the European welfare states.

Spain has spent a lot of money to fortify the cities against the violent intruders, but they are insistent. Over 200 broke in on the night of February 28, a major assault numerically.

The invasion is another version of Camp of the Saints, only overland rather than using boats (an influx which is still happening through the southern Italy island of Lampedusa). Speaking of that prescient novel, its author, Jean Raspail, said in an interview last year that he felt that European civilization was being overwhelmed by millions of diverse foreigners who refuse to assimilate.

They keep coming, because culturally weakened Europe has no stomach to keep them out.

African migrants storm border into Spain’s Melilla, EuroNews, February 28, 2014

More than 200 African migrants have scaled the border fence into the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

It was the biggest assault on the border in more than eight years.

The migrants, many from Cameroon and Guinea, ran through the Melilla streets after making it onto European soil in the early hours of February 28.

They headed for the overcrowded migrant reception centre in celebratory mood.

The latest incursion at Melilla brings the number of migrants who have successfully scaled the fence to almost 600 so far this year.

The Spanish territories of Melilla and Ceuta in Northern Morocco provide the only land borders between Africa and the EU.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has appealed for help from Europe to deal with illegal immigration.

He says Brussels should step up support for countries like Spain that have territory on the EU’s borders.

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