Michelle Malkin: No Election Justice, No Election Peace
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PHOENIX—A motley throng of patriots amassed Monday at the Hyatt Regency for a raucously peaceful "Stop the Steal" rally. There were Zoomers and Boomers, "America First" leaders and Proud Boys, tea party veterans and indie Donald Trump loyalists. I flew down from Colorado to lend my support to all these anti-establishment activists brave and vigilant enough to take to the streets. Praise for "Christ the King" rang out amid demands that a special legislative session be convened.

My message to the rallygoers was the same one I delivered at the "Stop the Steal" rally in Colorado Springs last month: We, the people, must rise up to protect our constitutional republic and prevent it from becoming a full-blown banana republic. "Me First" Republicans such as Cindy McCain, who has been offered an ambassadorship by corruptocrat Joe Biden, are complicit in systematically disenfranchising law-abiding voters. If there is no election justice, then there can be no election peace.

With the sterling exception of Arizona GOP Rep. Paul Gosar, the absence of nationally known conservative figures at the protest was as glaring as an Arizona sunrise and as gaping as the Grand Canyon. Inside the hotel, Republican state legislators hosted Trump legal team lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis for a marathon presentation of election fraud evidence that began at 9 a.m. and did not adjourn until nearly 8 p.m. Bright-red flags ranged from electronic voting machine vulnerabilities to shady homeless voter registrations, to long-festering concerns about large-scale illegal immigrant voting, to a dizzying raft of statistical anomalies involving massive numbers of mail-in ballots.

Most compelling was a review of public election data in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada by respected number-cruncher Matt Braynard. He crowdfunded the Voting Integrity Project, which conducted vital election research this past month using government data from six battleground states.

The team scrutinized voters who had moved out of one state, registered in another and still voted in the state they had left. They contacted voters whose election records showed that they had requested a mail-in ballot and sent it in, but which were not counted as votes. Conversely, they found voters who didn't request a mail-in ballot and said they never received one, but who had discovered a vote had been illicitly cast in their name.

In Arizona, Braynard's team obtained early/absentee voter numbers from the hotly contested Maricopa County. They isolated a universe of voters who had been sent absentee ballots but did not return them. VIP workers reached out by phone to verify if the voters had indeed requested their ballot and whether they returned it. Out of 2,044 people identified who met the criteria, 44% said they never requested a ballot, despite records showing that votes were cast in their name. Another experiment allowed the researchers to identify an estimated 5,700 individuals (not including military voters) who registered in Arizona, also registered in another state and then illicitly cast early absentee votes in Arizona.

"I have a high degree of confidence that the number of ballots that were cast that should not have been—illegal ballots—surpasses the margin of victory as it stands right now," Braynard concluded. "I believe that unless the questions that I raised get answered, you can't be confident of the vote count actually is and no one can." How Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey certified the election results in favor of Biden yesterday while all those questions remain unresolved is simply unfathomable. Certifying a false statement in any other legal context would be criminal, as both Braynard and Giuliani noted.

The lackadaisical FBI now has possession of all the data and analysis from Braynard's project. If you're wondering why the Justice Department or any other government body didn't do this work themselves long before 2020, you're not alone. Braynard recommended an independent audit of all state voter registration files, authenticated absentee ballot requests via fingerprint machine scanning and matching, and fundamental reform of automated voting machines.

"It is unconscionable," Braynard testified, "for a democracy to operate with election equipment that is closed-source software and design."

Another star witness, cybersecurity expert Col. Philip Waldron, summed up the national security and privacy perils of the small, intertwined cabal of election software and hardware companies such as Dominion, Smartmatic, Sequoia and ES&S this way:

"Your vote is not as secure as your Venmo account."

Citizen investigators at home and abroad are putting the screws on these foreign-owned election tech conglomerates at considerable risk to their lives. They're monitoring Dominion machines in Georgia and Nevada. Glenn Chong, a top election watchdog and ex-congressman in the Philippines, believes his top aide was tortured and murdered in 2018 in retaliation for Chong's decade-long crusade to expose Smartmatic's election manipulation through automatic vote shaving and padding, algorithmic meddling and digital ballot image alterations.

"The government can rule over us only as long as it has the consent of the governed. The power to change our destiny lies in our own hands," he urged. "But if our elections are stolen, manipulated by a few people who want to control us, then we lose our future."

The firsthand victims of election fraud refuse to yield control and dominion over their votes to the thieves, cheats and liars—and so must we.


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