Giving Tuesday Was A Great Success: Raised Over $20K, Which Will Be DOUBLED By Matching Grant
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Our Giving Tuesday videocast, with John Derbyshire, organized by my wife Lydia Brimelow, and featuring a brief appearance, at 07:20, of our three daughters, was a great success.

The original goal was $5,000, which a generous donor promised to match, but stretched to $20,795... after two more generous donors were inspired by your generosity and came forward with bonus matching goals!

Video is now edited and up on our Bitchute channel here.

Thanks to everyone who donated.

Message from our staff:

WE DID IT! We reached $20,795! Last year, our record-breaking #GivingTuesday sent Media Matters into a conniption fit. This year, we don't have YouTube, but we might even break a record again! Thank you so much! Click here to view the livestream replay!


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