New World Order vs. National Freedom
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In the globalist New World Order, not only can we not have sovereign nation-states, but also we can't have any distinctions between peoples, nations and races at all. Hence, the latest slab of meat on the United Nations' platter of global do-good is the "World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance," to be held in Durban, South Africa, this summer. Guess which country is the most "intolerant" of all?

The conference's main architect seems to be Mary Robinson, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, and last week she explained that "anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe" as well as "race relations in America" and "ethnic conflict in Africa and the plight of the world's indigenous peoples" will all be included on the conference's agenda. Does anyone really doubt that the conference is aimed at any nation other  than the United States, with a few hard looks at other, mainly white, countries in Europe?

Among the issues Robinson brought up to mention to Secretary of State Colin Powell were "racial profiling, even of those on death row. Tough issues that need to be looked at. Migration into the United States." And Powell thinks it's all swell. He avows he has a "personal and professional interest" in the conference, presumably because he's been such a victim of racism himself, you see.

"We want to be forward-looking in how we eliminate negative practices that come from racism," the secretary intoned to Robinson. And Robinson eagerly expanded upon her vision of what the gala event will ponder.

"She said the conference will take up accusations that police in the United States practice racial profiling, that death-row inmates are mostly minorities and that immigrants face discrimination and brutality along the Mexican border." 

What, you might ask, happened to slavery in Africa (today, not 200 years ago), ethnic slaughter in Indonesia, persecution of foreigners in China and other places where "racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance" are not exactly unknown? The conference may or may not get around to these, too, but everyone — including Powell — knows which country will be the main target of the new crusade.

Also on the agenda will be what The Associated Press calls "the legacies of colonialism, slavery and current forms of xenophobia." "Legacies" suggests reparations for these and other wickednesses that whites have inflicted on non-whites. Nothing is said about the "legacies" of cannibalism, head-hunting, scalping, torture, mutilation, burning alive, human sacrifice, and much of the rest of the quaint and curious lore of non-white and non-Western civilizations. As usual, all the wickedness is due to white Westerners, none to non-whites of any region or period and certainly not to what non-whites ever did to whites.

Not only will the Durban conference continue the long march against the white race, but also it will explore legislative measures to punish the victimizers and stamp out the "racism" and "related intolerance" that whites espouse. The conference, Robinson says, will "come up with concrete measures to address complaints and demands of victims — including calls by some for compensation from years of injustice." This promises to offer a stage for the racial crackpots yelling for "reparations" for slavery in this country, as well as for just about every professional victim, grifter and grouser on the planet.

Moreover, the "concrete measures" will probably include outright violations of this country's First Amendment by laws that muzzle what the conference will dub "racism." "I think what this world conference is really about is getting every country to improve its own capacity ... to have legislation which outlaws racism, which counters discrimination, which gives remedies," Robinson announced.

"Legislation which outlaws racism" can only mean laws that silence anyone who expresses dissident views on race and race-related matters: not just skinheads who yell racial insults, but scientists who study racial genetics, social critics who question conventional wisdom about race, and writers and speakers who challenge scientific or historical claims about race. Several European nations are already enlightened by such repression.

What is incredible is not that the United Nations and its professional airbags like Robinson bubble with joy over the prospect of expanding U.N. power on a global scale, but that American officials like Powell — and presumably President Bush — would endorse and encourage it. The Durban conference promises not only to kick U.S. national sovereignty in the teeth yet again, but to trample on constitutional rights and actually dictate what U.S. lawmakers and citizens may and may not do.

Third World backwaters can swallow this stuff if they want, but Americans, in the government or out of it, need to tell Robinson and her cronies to go to Durban and not come back.


March 01, 2001

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