A California Reader Notices A Case Of Immigrant Slavery
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

"Annie George appeared in court on Wednesday before a federal magistrate, facing charges of encouraging and inducing an illegal alien to reside in the U.S."[ Mansion servant enslaved by uber-rich New York family for nearly six years | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News, March 1, 2012]

I didn't know that was a crime, most of the CA legislature and judiciary could be convicted by a reasonable person of that crime.

Out of curiosity I Googled the alleged perp's name and found he's gotten rich owning and managing lots of hotels. [Plane, Bollywood actor's brother pulled from N.Y. river, USA Today, June 9, 2009]

You'd think an employer getting busted for servant slavery and harboring an illegal alien would trigger at least a cursory investigation of the perp's other employees.

$10 says the state's investigation ends with the victim's deportation.

James Fulford writes: Randall Burns blogged on this today. There have been other cases like this, in which people were keeping slaves in the United States, and the perpetrators have always been immigrants, in many cases from the Indian Subcontinent.

When this happens, the headline says that an “immigrant” has been held in slavery by an “American” or a “New York woman.” See my 2008 blog post Slavery, Immigration, And The Press—Update.

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