Has Michael Bloomberg Banned Immigration From Next GOP Debate?
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Bloomberg to GOP (and America): OBEY ME!

Byron York, whose incisive and brave critique of President Obama’s effort to politicize the Giffords shootings I noted in Why Byron York no longer writes for National Review has come up with what seems to me a dramatic scoop: Next GOP debate: hot topics off limits? The Washington Examiner October 5, 2011
"Recent Republican presidential debates have featured sharp exchanges between candidates on immigration, No Child Left Behind, U.S. policy toward Pakistan, and Gov. Rick Perry's HPV virus directive in Texas…But those topics and more could be off the table at the next debate, set for Tuesday, October 11 at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, which organizers have decided to restrict to a single subject: the economy"
As York points out
"...in previous debates, non-economic topics have made for some of the most revealing moments. Perry's "no heart" remark at the Fox News-Google debate in Orlando did enormous damage to his campaign. Likewise, Michele Bachmann's discussion of the HPV virus at the previous Republican debate, in Tampa, led Perry to make a rare admission of error."
This debate is sponsored by Bloomberg News and the Washington Post (of which the former is nowadays economically more significant) and the unctuous announcement of this atrocity came from Bloomberg News.

In this I see the hand of the majority owner of Bloomberg, the lovable New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, well known for his contempt for his fellow Americans and solicitude for fellow billionaires.

Bloomberg has ensured nothing but arrogantly dogmatic and vicious Open-Borders propaganda appears on his service. He is as bad as the Wall Street Journal. There is no doubt he would prefer immigration be kept off the political agenda.

Still, it is a breathtaking insight into opinion management in 21st century America that a Manhattan plutocrat can prevent the discussion of key issues in a Presidential debate – superficially an ultra democratic exercise. It explains a lot – probably about foreign policy as well.

Of course, as Peter Brimelow recently argued

"Unemployment is an immigration issue as VDARE.com has said repeatedly. Every palliative has failed, and there is literally no other answer except a crackdown on the illegal presence and a moratorium on legal immigration. "
But will any candidate have the courage to defy Bloomberg and say this? Are you out there, Michelle Bachmann?
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