Memo From Middle America | DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Eva Longoria Campaigns For “Latino Victory”—But Victory Over Whom?
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Actress Eva Longoria  received a master’s degree in “Chicano Studies” at Cal State Northridge.

 Even some of the richest American Latinos can’t forgive the United States for giving them such great success. Actress Eva Longoria has started a “Latino Victory Project” and shrilly insists, “We can’t dismiss the growing population, the changing demographics of our country. And with that comes exciting times for everybody in America.” [This Is How Eva Longoria Is Trying to Win the Midterms, by Asawin Suabsang, The Daily Beast, October 1, 2014]

Exciting might not be the word you would choose if you want the historic American nation to continue in any meaningful way. But now that Desperate Housewives is over, ethnic tribalism seems to be Longoria’s best career move.

Eva Longoria was born in Texas, is not a native speaker of Spanish, and is partially descended from the handful of Spaniards who were in Texas in colonial days. Yet despite her mostly European heritage, vast wealth, and wild success, Longoria seems to have only disdain for the United States. Apparently, the gringos haven’t been nice enough to her—and she can give you a whole list of reasons why now that she’s completed a master’s degree in “Chicano Studies” at Cal State Northridge. [Eva Longoria graduates with master’s degree in Chicano studies, by Nardine Saad, Los Angeles Times, May 23, 2013]

Longoria’s “Latino Victory Project,” like other prominent Latino organizations, is run by White Hispanics. As you can see from the pictures of Longoria and co-founder Henry R. Munoz, the Project fits the usual Latin American model of a Euro-Latin elite lording it over their duskier brethren even as they scream that the norteamericanos are racist.

Of course, to call something a “Latino Victory Project” raises the question—victory over whom? Do Latinos have different interests than other Americans? In fact, are Latinos really supposed to seek “victory” over their fellow Americans?

Judging from Miss (she’s divorced again) Longoria’s “demographics” comment, it sure seems like it.

According to the Daily Beast’s Suabsang, the Latino Victory Project

….focuses on building Latino political power nationwide in order to “institutionalize what happened in 2012,” as Longoria has previously described it….As co-founder, she does everything from approving press releases to sending voter information to the project’s databases.”

And according to the group’s Mission Statement,

The Latino Victory Project is a movement that builds power in the Latino community so that the faces and voices of Latinos are reflected at every level of government and in the policies that drive our country forward.

The project’s Raza obsession is reflected in the frantic use of terms like “Latino values” and “Latino issues.” And the group’s “Problem Statement” reflects the frankly ethnocentric bias we have come to expect from the Cultural Marxist Left:

The lack of Latinos running for office further discourages political participation in the Latino community: when you don’t see people on the ballot that reflect your community, you are less likely to vote.

The use of “community” here does not refer to the American community, or even the particular city or state in which one resides. It means the “Latino Community”.

But what does this imply in practical political terms? Incredibly, the Latino Victory Project calls itself non-partisan. Therefore, it must be an extraordinary oversight that one of the founders, Munoz, is Democratic National Committee Finance Chairman. Longoria herself is a longtime Democratic activist.

How about the board members? They are

1. Maya Harris, Vice-President for Democracy, Rights and Justice for the Ford Foundation, which has contributed to Hispanic pressure groups. The sister of California AG Kamala Harris, she is married to Tony West, U.S. Associate Attorney General.

2. Mary Kay Henry, International President of the notorious Service Employees International Union.

3. Ralph G. Patino, member of the Democratic National Finance Committee and a trustee of the Florida Democratic Party.

4.Roberto L. Prats-Palerm, Puerto Rico Chairman of the Democratic Party and member of the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee.

“Non-partisan” indeed!

And if you look at the Latino Victory Project’s staff page, you can learn more:

  • The group’s president Cristobal J. Alex “spent more than five years in philanthropy serving at both the Open Society Foundations [of George Soros] and the Ford Foundation [longtime funder of Hispanic pressure groups]”.
  • Vice-President of Campaigns Lizet Ocampo was previously the National Regional Political Director at Obama for America.
  • Director of Operations Sarah J. Le Brusq came from the (also notorious) Ford Foundation.
  • Mabel Arrambide, Vice President of Finance and External Relations, worked for the Democratic National committee and for the 2008 Obama campaign. Arrambide was actually born in Mexico.
  • Maria R. Gonzalez, Executive Administrative Assistant, formerly worked for Texas Democratic representative Henry Cuellar, who has an F rating from Numbers USA.

Not surprisingly, all the candidates supported by the group’s Latino Victory PAC are Democrats.

As for the candidates who are currently congressional incumbents, they are

1. Raul Ruiz, 36th District of California, with a D rating from Numbers USA.

2. Pete Gallego, 23rd District, Texas, with a D- rating from Numbers USA

3. Joe Garcia, 26th District of Florida, with an F rating from Numbers USA.

And last but not least, the group’s donation page is administered by “Act Blue”, which is a PAC enabling anybody to raise funds for the Democratic Party.

The claim that the Latino Victory Project is “non-partisan” is so bogus you have to wonder why they even bothered to claim it.

What can we learn from this? Aside from the obvious point that Eva Longoria and her “Latino Victory Project” support the further Hispanicization of the United States, the Project identifies the welfare of Latinos with the growth of the Big Government Welfare State. (And, according to most Hispanics themselves, they aren’t wrong to make this assumption).

As for the Republican Party, even though the Latino Victory Project’s obvious objective is to defeat the Republicans in the upcoming elections, the GOP is still largely AWOL when it comes to confronting the immigration issue and still deludes itself it can win the Hispanic vote by talking about “limited government.”

How does one oppose this Latino Victory Project’s call to war against the historic American nation? It requires a willingness to ask the tough questions.

  • If Latinos just want to be Americans, why do they need their own PAC?
  • How is a group all but entirely staffed by Democratic activists and party officials “non-partisan?”
  • And do non-Latinos have any say in the future of the country?

What Miss Longoria is showing us is that no matter how many concessions, advantages, or rewards Americans offer the professionally-aggrieved, we receive only scorn.

If the historic American nation is to survive, we’ll need a Victory Project of our own, one that puts America—not La Razafirst.

American citizen Allan Wall (email him) moved back to the U.S.A. in 2008 after many years residing in Mexico. Allan's wife is Mexican, and their two sons are bilingual.  In 2005, Allan served a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas Army National Guard. His VDARE.COM articles are archived here; his articles are archived here ; his News With Views columns are archived here; and his website is here.

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