The New Elvira—Will DHS Stop Playing This Game
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The medieval right of sanctuary was supposed to give miscreants a chance to get right with God before they were executed, and only last 40 days at most, anyhow. No such right exists in American law. But someone else is trying it:

Immigrant takes refuge in church :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State Immigrant seeks sanctuary in same church as Elvira Arellano

January 28, 2008 BY KARA SPAK Staff reporter/[email protected]

Saying she hoped the fear of God would keep federal agents away, undocumented immigrant Flor Crisostomo said Monday she plans to stay in a Humboldt Park church as long as necessary to fight for immigration reform.

”In this moment, I am not leaving,” a tearful Crisostomo cried out in Spanish. She later said through an English translator that while she understands she may be imprisoned for her actions, she will return one day to her children with her dignity.

Crisostomo, 28, left her three children ages 14, 11 and 9 in the care of her mother in Guerrero, Mexico seven years ago to work illegally in the United States. Arrested in 2006 during an immigration raid at a pallet factory where she earned $300 a week, she was scheduled to turn herself in for deportation today .[More]

Maybe we need to get atheists like Christopher Hitchens  and the Americans United For Separation Of Church And State to harass the Church in question, and the DHS as well. Churches have no more right to harbor illegals than an employer does.The DHS made a mistake when they waited for Elvira to come out before they arrested her.

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