KU Update: Dean Resigns As Decades Of Handouts Make Black Radicals Crazier Than Ever
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The University of Kansas has enjoyed a different kind of March madness: the ongoing, totalitarian, black-and-red campaign there has scored new victories. Needless to say, Smokowski’s concessions just made the black racists hungrier and angrier. The black segregationists are getting $90,000 to start, with an endless flow of funds on the way. Meanwhile, black and other non-white students in the regular Student Senate already get senate seats by racial quotas, and have already seized power there in all but name.

Only 4% of KU students are black.

This is all being framed as part of an effort to show support for #BlackLivesMatter on a white, supposedly racist campus. But, as always in these cases, an investigation reveals unsourced claims, wild exaggerations, and a naked grab for power. Here's an example of the unsourced claims and wild exaggerations:

There is a sickening exploitation of pornography of black pain that uplifts every white supremacist structure that is ingrained in our country and our nation and the way that we operate.

University of Kansas student Kynnedi Grant, president of the Black Student Union, during November 18, 2015 press conference

It all began with Kynnedi Grant, a black KU student. Her November 10 Facebook post announced she had been abused and assaulted by white males at a Halloween house party, and that the University police—white of course—had simply told her “Well, that's the danger of going to house parties” and not filed a report.

VDARE.com began covering this story when someone sent my colleague James Kirkpatrick a Facebook screen shot dated November 8, apparently indicating coaching and collusion i.e. yet another hoax crime:

Because there was no confirmation that the screen capture was legitimate, Kirkpatrick withheld judgment.

Kynnedi Grant is the president of the racially-segregated Black Student Union, and a leader of a shadowy, “predominantly black” campus organization called “Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk.” (The KU Jayhawk fans chant "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk" at games, a tradition going back to the 1880s—this is parody signifying that blacks feel "invisible" at KU.) Significantly, Grant traveled to Ferguson MO to support the black racist rioters there.

(Grant also chose for her Facebook page background this celebration of convicted, black radical cop-killer and fugitive from justice, Joanne Chesimard, alias Assata Shakur, currently in Communist Cuba. )


wernerfoerster(Chesimard’s victim, New Jersey State Trooper and Vietnam War combat veteran, Werner Foerster, 34 [Pictured right] left behind a wife and young son. Trooper Foerster’s partner, Trooper James M. Harper, was also wounded in the assassination.)

Shegufta_(@therealshegufta)_Twitter_-_2016-03-24_20.38.23Shegufta Huma (right) is the Moslem female vice-president of the University Student Senate.

To my knowledge, neither woman has confirmed or denied whether the screen shot was real. I contacted Grant and RCIH, but neither responded. An anonymous tweet from RCIH has called the screen shot “libelous,” and ordered the media to ignore it.

Can't load tweet https://twitter.com/KiahLikeTheCar/status/668781487022452737: Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.

Shegufta Huma with an ally, possibly Kiah Duggins from Wichita State University

I believe the screen shot is real, because it helps explain the otherwise unintelligible gap between the Halloween party and Grant’s PR campaign and her first visit to the police.

On November 11, Grant and the group she leads, RCIH, disrupted and took over a campus event regarding “racism,” where she announced that she was victimized on Halloween night.

 KU’s Administration had reportedly ordered media not to record the event: … the University of Kansas kept broadcast journalists from recording a forum on race…. KU officials told Kansas Public Radio and other broadcast outlets that journalists were welcome to attend a forum on diversity, but that they could not bring audio or video recording equipment into the event.

[Emporia State Ejects Reporters from public forum, later apologizes by Bryan Lowry, Wichita Eagle, November 19, 2015]

(Administrations all over the country have been conspiring to aid and abet campus hate crime hoaxers for years.)

Grant and RCIH made 15 non-negotiable demands (PDF) of the KU administration, which would grant campus black supremacists massive increases in wealth and power.

During the week following, BSU Vice President Chancellor Adams insisted that RCIH is independent of BSU, and that Kynnedi Grant is the only BSU member in RCIH. In fact, all RCIH leaders were BSU leaders [Vice President of KU Black Student Union affirms support of Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk's mission, but contrasts the two groups by Lara Korte, The University Daily Kansan, November 18, 2015.]


Then, on November 12, white graduate Communications student Abigail Kingsford asked communications professor Andrea Quenette (right) to discuss RCIH’s demands and charges.

Quenette sought to pander to the activists, saying that, as a white woman, she didn’t know what it is to see “n—-r” painted on a wall. But she made the mistake of disagreeing with their baseless assertion that black students only flunked out of KU at higher rates than other groups, due to “racism.”

Quenette’s communications students signed a petition, demanding that she be fired, based on what she said in the discussion and her (obviously innocent) use of the Word That Must Not Be Spoken.

One petitioner was student senator Amy Schumacher, [Email her]who also signed a second petition, demanding that the white elected heads of the Student Government all resign. If you’re going to be a white anti-white activist, you have to engage in constant search-and-destroy missions against your fellow whites, or become a target yourself. [An Open Letter Calling for the Termination of Dr. Andrea Quenette for Racial Discrimination by Amy Schumacher, Medium, November 17, 2015.]

KU did nothing to the student-conspirators, but suspended Quenette, only lifting the suspension recently after a four-month investigation. However, she is apparently to undergo “cultural competency training”   and  according to her GoFundMe page (for legal expenses) has not yet been assigned work. [KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class, Mike Yoder, LJWorld.com, March 18, 2016]

Not unnaturally, Quenette now says “I don't believe I have much choice other than to be guarded. To be honest, I am afraid of engaging in a discussion of race and diversity in the classroom…I believe it will be harder for me to respond to my students now because I am afraid of saying something wrong.”  [Professor Cleared to Teach After Furor Over Race, by Scott Jaschik, March 21, 2016] This, of course, was the radicals’ totalitarian objective.

Subsequently, Grant, Student Senate Vice-President Shegufta Huma, and the Student Senate Executive Committee demand that the three top officers of the Student Government, Jessie Pringle, Zach George, and Adam Moon, all white, immediately resign for not supporting #BlackLivesMatter with sufficient enthusiasm [Call for student leaders to resign, hunger strike add to tensions on KU campus, by Conrad Swanson and Rochelle Valverde, Lawrence Journal-World, November 14, 2015] These white student government officials, rather than standing against #BlackLivesMatter, cringed and apologized, not that it did them any good [What’s behind the calls at KU to oust student leaders by Bryan Lowry, Wichita Eagle, November 16, 2015].

BSU leaders Kynnedi Grant, Caleb Stephens, and Katherine “Kat” Rainey, identifying themselves as RCIH leaders held a “press conference,” in which they charged that KU is racist against blacks. The abbreviated video from the Wichita Eagle contains no mention of Grant’s allegations re November 1, no press questions, and not even the visible or audible presence of any reporters in the room.

The Main Stream Media have been notably reticent to investigate any of the outrageous claims of the “Invisible Hawk.” And indeed, on a rare occasion when a member of the group, RCIH/BSU leader Caleb Stephens, was questioned, he responded with the non sequitur, “You don’t have sole rights to our pain.” [Emporia State ejects reporters from public forum, later apologizes by Bryan Lowry, The Wichita Eagle, November 19, 2015.]

Indeed, reporters seem to be actively covering for the group, with the Wichita Eagle’s Bryan Lowry (email him) imagining conservative “backlash,” in order to depict the “RCIH”/BSU as heroic. [KU activists’ call for inclusion education meets online backlash from conservatives (+videos) by Bryan Lowry, The Wichita Eagle, November 18, 2015].

Some MSM stories reference a “debate” over race at the University of Kansas. But there is no debate, only black groups making outrageous demands supported by no evidence, and meeting no opposition.

Even the Kansas City Fox affiliate, WDAF-TV, gave RCIH/BSU adulatory coverage, with no mention of Grant’s hate crime hoax. How can RCIH/BSU be victims of racism, if everyone loves and uncritically supports them? [Students gather at KU to demand change by Stephanie Graflage and Shannon O'Brien, WDAF-TV, December 9, 2015.]

The last time I reported on KU, it was about two white students, Nate Johnson and Chris Stone, who by rights should have won the national Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) college debate championship. But the debate judges decided the award should be given to Towson University’s debate team, who refused to debate the assigned topic and instead engaged in incoherent rants about how much they hated whites.

One of the two KU debaters, Nate Johnson, was a second-generation victim of black supremacism. His journalism professor father, Ron, had been a beloved KU journalism advisor who was fired in 2004 on the demand of black supremacist students, for advising while white.

Now, white students at KU are being victimized by their own school.

And there’s a long history of this at KU. In 1970, black terrorists engaged in daily assassination attempts on white Lawrence policemen and civilians, and set off bombs on campus. One such terrorist was Rick Dowdell, who although not a student, operated out of KU’s “Afro House.” KU responded by bribing the terrorists with lavish Affirmative Action. Now current activists want this case reopened. [Violence, racism marked era when police killed black teen by Dave Ranney, Lawrence Journal-World, July 16, 2002.]

Literally decades of handouts are culminating in a campaign by some of the most outrageously privileged individuals in world history to convince the university, and America, that they are actually oppressed. Thus far, no actual evidence has been presented that violence or even discrimination exists at the University of Kansas… against blacks that is.

Instead, we may have a new Tawana Brawley in the form of Kynnedi Grant and a new Al Sharpton is named Caleb Stephens. But they have accomplices all over KU’s campus, and soulmates all over country.

And as unqualified Affirmative Action students fill what used to be serious universities, we can expect to see many more racial rent-seekers in the decades to come.

After all, it’s the only thing they are learning how to do.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.



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