In Sweden, Rape Capital of Europe, Women Can’t Carry Pepper Spray; Academics Can’t Reveal Rapists’ Ethnicity
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Above, extremely fit-looking off-duty Swedish police officer Mikaela Kaellner kneels on a man she caught stealing a mobile phone—see What Kind Of "Man" Did Swedish Bikini Cop Arrest For Stealing From Sunbathers? Probably A Gypsy (2016)

Sweden, once one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world, is leading the way in destroying itself via mass immigration from Muslim countries together with the most extreme kind of Woke Leftism. This mutation into a Third World country is nowhere more obvious than in its rape statistics. But perhaps even more disturbing is reaction of Swedish authorities. They punish those who tell the truth—that Muslim immigrants and/or their children are the majority of rapists—and they punish women who attempt to defend themselves.

Thus the police actually arrested a girl in July for carrying pepper spray.

Rape data show just what mass Muslim immigration has meant for Swedish women. Between 2013 and 2017, Sweden averaged highest number of rapes per capita in Europe, at 64 per 100,000. Sweden ranks fifth place in the world in terms of how likely a woman is to be raped, behind Bermuda and ahead of Suriname, both of which are overwhelmingly black.

Rape-wise, Sweden is an extreme outlier in terms of European or majority European–descended countries and even more so in terms of Nordic nations.

According to data from 2010, Iceland had twenty-four rapes per 100,000, Finland had fifteen, Norway had nineteen, while in Denmark it was six. Apparently, the Nordic culture of extreme alcohol consumption, which is less pronounced in Denmark, plays a role in these stark intra-Nordic differences [Temperance Cultures, Concern about Alcohol Problems in Nordic and English-speaking Cultures, by Harry G. Levine, The Nature of Alcohol and Drug-Related Problems, New York: Oxford University Press, 1993; Rape, Intoxication and the Concept of Consent, by Þorbjörg Sveinsdóttir, Nordisk Tidsskrift for Kriminalvidenskab, 2020].

However, if we go back 1980, there were only 10.6 rapes per 100,000 in Sweden, 3.2 in Norway, 7 in Denmark, and 7.7 in Finland [International Crime rates, by Carol Kalish, 1988]. Even accounting for changes in how rape is defined, how it is recorded, and how likely it is to be reported, the rise in rape in Sweden has been particularly dramatic. And I’m sure you can guess why.

Anti-Islam campaigner Ayaan Hirsi Ali, originally from Somalia, has observed that almost half (47 percent) of rapists convicted in Sweden between 2000 and 2015 were “born abroad”: 34 percent were from the Middle East and North Africa and the rest were from Sub-Saharan Africa. Apparently, 20 percent of the Swedish population was “born abroad,” usually in the Middle East or Africa, so these people are over-represented by a factor of 2.4. North Africans and Middle Easterners are overrepresented by factor of 3.3 [Sweden’s migrant rape crisis, Unherd, April 7, 2021].

In cases of so-called “rape-assault,” where a woman is raped by a stranger, 75 percent in 2015 involved a perpetrator born in Africa or the Middle East, and 58 percent of all rapists in 2015 were born in those places [Ny kartläggning av våldtäktsdomar: 58 procent av de dömda födda utomlands (“New survey of rape convictions: 58 percent of those convicted were born abroad”), by Peter Ljungre, Johan Frisk, and Kalle Thorslund, SVT, August 22, 2018].

Needless to say, the Swedish government does not publish data on the ethnicity of Sweden-born rapists. In 2021, however, a group of Swedish academics reported that 60 percent of rapists were of immigrant background—foreign-born or having at least one foreign-born parent; 80 percent of those were born outside Sweden. The study also noted that rape in Sweden had increased by 45 percent between 2008 and 2018 [Swedish rape offenders — a latent class analysis, by Ardavan Khoshnood, Henrik Ohlsson, Jan Sundquist, and Kristina Sundquist, Forensic Sciences Research, 2021].

For having the temerity to report the truth, in November 2021, the academics were  “facing prosecution by the Board of Appeal for ethical review, a body that reports to the Swedish Ministry of Education,” OpIndia reported:

The reason behind the investigation initiated by the body is the research paper that was submitted by Sundquist that shows most rapes that happened in Sweden were committed by immigrants

[Sweden’s Lund University researcher faces prosecution for study that showed most rapes are committed by immigrants, November 29, 2021]     

That case appears to be ongoing and/or unresolved, but whatever happens, it’s not just academics who land in hot water for reporting the truth. It’s also Swedish women who try to avoid becoming victims. Given that the government has declared itself officially “feminist,” one would think that women would legally be permitted to protect themselves. But you’d be wrong.

Blogger “Peter Sweden” has reported that almost half of women in Örebro, for example, avoid going out in the evening because they fear being raped, with twenty-six rapes occurring in the nation of ten million every day. Trying to defend herself, a 19-year-old girl called Filippa, below, who lives in immigrant-heavy Uppsala, decided to carry pepper spray in her handbag.

[Screenshot: source.]

This was discovered and she was prosecuted [In feminist Sweden, women get fined for carrying pepper spray, by Peter Imanuelsen, The Freedom Corner, July 22, 2022]. 

The young woman’s crime was carrying the pepper spray without permission from the police, the same police who, it was reported in 2017, solved fewer and fewer rape cases [Fewer rape investigations are being solved in Sweden, new stats suggest, by Lee Roden, The Local, September 22, 2017].

“You spend time judging a person who feels insecure instead of addressing the problems that cause women to go around with this kind of thing,” Filippa told Ellen Pan of SVT [Filippa hade pepparspray för att skydda sig – döms för vapenbrott (“Filippa had pepper spray to protect herself—convicted of weapons offences”), July 21, 2022].

Girls “get into trouble” at night in Uppsala, she added. “I had the pepper spray because I feel unsafe here.” Filippa found it in the street and didn’t know that possessing it is illegal.

Uppsala Police refused to comment, but the national police’s press spokesman said this: “It is the police’s task to check that everyone in Sweden follows Swedish law.”

Filippa was fined for something that is not a crime in neighboring Denmark where, of course, women are far less likely to be raped. The justification for the ban is concerns about “an increase in violence.”

This is life in multicultural, “feminist” Sweden. Elite women, like the country’s new prime, minister Magdalena Andersson, preach about being good “feminists,” while ordinary Swedish women are banned from defending themselves against rape to avoid an “increase in violence,” presumably against African and Middle Eastern rapists.

Swedes, it seems, must not be allowed to defend themselves, which would implicitly highlight the uselessness of the Swedish police, who arrest women who try to protect themselves instead of arresting the foreign-born, Muslim rapists.

How long will it be before something gives in this collapsing country?

Harri Honkanen [Email him] is a student of Scandinavia.

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