Even Federal Employees Revolt Against Bush's "SBI" Big Lie
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[Chertoff Memo: Exclusive to Vdare.com]

The Bush Administration's ongoing public relations offensive for its massive illegal alien non-deportation plan was resurrected recently with the testimony of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Michael Chertoff before the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 18.

Now Secretary Chertoff is bringing the "Secure Border Initiative" (SBI) propaganda push to a new audience—his own DHS employees.

It's not working.

Secretary Chertoff addressed the DHS organization through a memorandum dated November 2, peddling the Bush Administration's Big Lie that a "temporary worker program" would "help us strengthen interior enforcement" and "increase our security." A VDARE.com reader provided a copy of the memo via e-mail on November 4. [PDF]

Chertoff's DHS memorandum claims that the SBI "is built on a foundation of border security, interior enforcement, and a temporary worker program."

Chertoff pays lip service to "a comprehensive view of immigration that aims for nothing less than to gain full control of our borders." He goes on to mention the components of "border enforcement" and "interior enforcement." But then he delivers the kicker—"the Temporary Worker Program." Astute readers will now realize that the "Secure Border Initiative" is nothing more than a smokescreen for selling this renamed amnesty program.

Secretary Chertoff wrote:

"The Temporary Worker Program, proposed by President Bush last year, will help us strengthen interior enforcement. [Translation: by making deportable illegal aliens legal, there won't be anyone to arrest!] The Temporary Worker Program will enable migrants to work in regulated, legal channels and will increase our security by giving us a better idea of who is entering our country and for what purpose." [Translation: the "better idea" about who is here will be apparent only after the fact, when illegal aliens are given legal status through employment authorization.]

Despite the "better idea" of how many illegal aliens will be given legal status through the "Temporary Worker Program", the federal government will still have no idea at all about how many illegal aliens have already invaded the United States and remain at large.

Giving illegal aliens legal status amnesty through work authorization and a de facto non-deportation pass will do absolutely nothing to "increase our security." Another amnesty will simply allow non-immigrant visa violators and over-stayers—like the 9/11 terrorist cadre—the opportunity to gain legal status and remain in the United States to pursue whatever hidden agenda they choose, including Jihad.

"SBI" is the Bush Administration's Big Lie.

And not just the American public is getting angry—so, based on the e-mail I receive, are federal government employees.

Since they're insiders, they know with quiet desperation that something had better be done to actually deport illegal aliens and criminal alien residents from these United States before it's too late. Another massive amnesty of work authorization and non-deportation is the last thing on their minds.

For example, I received this e-mail from one of these VDARE.com readers after my last article on Secretary Chertoff's recent testimony.

11/2/05— "I retired from the Patrol in 1994, after 26 years of service; all in the trenches, and none in management. For the record, it's my personal opinion that control of the border was lost in about 1972, and it's been on a down-hill skid ever since that time. I also think that it is the singularly most serious problem facing this country today. Many times, I have opined that only the agents on the immediate line really give a damn about I&NS enforcement."

After my report on MS-13 fallout in Virginia, another VDARE.com reader in the civil service gave some advice on reporting illegal aliens to the Customs-dominated Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency [ICE].

10/31/05—"Well, given current ICE investigative priorities, if [the illegal alien harassing a reader's daughter] was selling fake Louis Vuittons, downloading illegal movies, selling fake Viagra or evading a Customs tariff, then ICE Investigations would be all over him.

"Yes, yes, sad, I know. But what do you expect when you have an agency dedicated to immigration enforcement and merge it with a totally unrelated agency spread out among financial crimes, cyber crimes, child porn, etc? What become the priorities? Whatever is 'sexy' at the moment and whatever generates money—not mussing yourself up picking off the decidedly un-sexy illegal aliens.

"Seriously, if you want to get an illegal —particularly a criminal—arrested by ICE? Get him arrested by any other agency.

"Call the cops and press charges if they break the law—don't blow it off, or change your mind, or feel sorry for them. If an alien goes to jail—local, county, etc.—there is a good chance the alien will be encountered by an ICE agent, or the LESC [Law Enforcement Service Center] will come across them and put a 'hold' on them, depending on the charge, immigration status and immigration and criminal history. Maybe not the first or second time, but eventually, if illegal, and depending on the crime, they will come to ICE's attention.

So if the DHS' ICE division is not necessarily in the business of arresting and detaining run-of-the-mill un-"sexy" illegal aliens now, what makes anyone think that "interior enforcement" would change overnight because of the Bush Administration's SBI promises?

The danger in this latest propaganda effort is that, if Congress believes the Big Lie of SBI, then America may one day wake up with:

  • and a massive, fully-implemented illegal alien amnesty free-for-all by stealth under the guise of a "temporary worker program."

"SBI" is the thinly-veiled harbinger of another disastrous amnesty betrayal.

But outside the Bushbunker, even the civil service is in revolt against it.

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

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