Another Month, Another Agent
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There's been another U.S. casualty in the continuing war along the U.S.-Mexico border. But most of the country doesn't know it since the battles are fought out of the limelight.

Don't look for coverage in your newspaper since most major media—run by editors sympathetic to the cause of the "poor migrant"—don't report such incidents.

On March 24, an illegal alien—one of scores who try daily to sneak into the U.S.—was being escorted by a Border Patrol agent to a van for a "voluntary return" to Mexico when, suddenly, the illegal grabbed the agent's .40 caliber weapon from its holster. The weapon discharged and struck the agent in the groin. The bullet also hit the illegal—Jorge Breton-Rodriguez, 38—in the upper thigh. [Border crosser facing charges over gun fight with agent, Associated Press, Mar. 25, 2004]

Both will live. And the agent (whose name is withheld) got lucky. Since Border Patrol agents are usually heavily outnumbered when they encounter groups of so called "harmless" Mexican aliens trekking illegally north across the border, it is only be a matter of time before their luck runs out completely.

Shocked? Don't be. This is life along the U.S.-Mexico border, where a million migrants a month, tons of dope—and some say terrorists— cross into the U.S. virtually at will.

According to my sources, the illegal "migrant" who was responsible for the injury of the Border Patrol agent could get up to 20 years in prison and a heavy fine.

That's swell—but it's typical of U.S. immigration policy that deals with problems after the fact.

Perhaps if U.S. officials took a pro-active position on the issue, the most recently wounded border agent wouldn't be limping around, thanking his stars he is still alive.

There aren't many in Washington serious about protecting our border. But there are civilians who live in Arizona who are fed up. In fact, their tempers are rising as fast as the number of Mexican troops who regularly storm their property.

Jack Foote, national spokesman for the border protection group Ranch Rescue says in the future when Mexican soldiers invade property owned by anyone in his group, they may be shot at before any questions are asked.

"Two in the chest and one in the head," Foote warned, according to the Tucson Citizen in February. [Vigilantes targeting Mexican military, by Luke Turf, February 14, 2004]

[SOOTHING VDARE.COM note: Foote's warning ("Two in the chest and one in the head") may sound bloodthirsty but it's standard combat shooting practice in dealing with an armed man at close range. It's called the Mozambique Drill and was invented by Colonel Jeff Cooper, based on an incident that happened to one of his students. Please note that he's talking about an invading Mexican soldier, i.e. an armed trained enemy, not a poor unarmed campesino lost in the desert.]

Naturally, the first to cower and criticize are the local tinhorns—politicians who part of the same government-sponsored cabal who, through their inaction, have allowed the problem of illegal immigration to fester and grow.

Ray Borane is mayor of the frontline city of Douglas AZ. He argued against putting Regular Army troops on the border in 2001, now says he believes the hostile environment along the border might create an international incident.

But instead of worrying about the Americans he was elected to serve, or supporting the spirit of the brave and patriotic Americans standing up for our sovereignty, Borane is fretting about public relations with Mexico.

"That's the thing that has always worried me, that these people would cause an international incident and not only hinder relations with Mexico, but that they'd make this area become a hotbed," he whined to the Tucson Citizen.

Wrong, Mr. Mayor. The illegal immigrants have already made the area a hotbed—not the groups formed to counter it.

I have a few questions for His Honor.


  • Two, why isn't he as equally concerned about the Mexican police and military units who regularly cross into the United States, creating "international incidents?"
  Borane says it's no game down along the border.

Wow—what a rocket scientist.

You don't have to tell that to property owners and residents along the border. And that sure isn't news to the Border Patrol agent who was shot last month.

The only people who seem to think it's a game are the illegal aliens—those who are caught repeatedly then shifted back to Mexico through a huge revolving door.

March was just a typical month for most Border Patrol agents. And that's a sad, sad fact.

Jon E. Dougherty [email him] is a reporter and columnist for, and author of the new book, Illegals: The Imminent Threat Posed by Our Unsecured U.S.-Mexico Border.

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